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Gurjum Balsam Essential Oil

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Our Gurjum Balsam Essential Oil is a steam-distilled resin gum from the Dipterocarpus turbinatus tree in Malaysia. Gurjum balsam essential oil offers a warm, nutty scent that is both fresh and calming. It is primarily used as an aid for respiratory health and function and is one of our most powerful healing oils.

Specific Benefits of Gurjum Balsam Essential Oil:

Respiratory support… For people who suffer from asthma, allergies, or respiratory difficulties, Gurjum balsam essential oil can help open airways and reduce mucus.

Rheumatic health… Gurjum balsam essential oil can help decrease the effects of rheumatic diseases. Because of its high levels of sesquiterpenes, including B-caryophyllene, it serves as a strong anti-inflammatory.

Soothing skin… This oil also offers gentle care for the skin, reducing the discomfort caused by conditions like eczema, rashes, and bedsores.