Dealing with motion sickness?

motion-sickness-essential-oilsEssential oils are great for dealing with motion sickness while adding great aromas to the car.

Fall is here! Its the time for pumpkin-flavored drinks to invade everything. And if you are on the mainland, you will most likely get to experience the changing of the leaves. This breathtaking experience should happen for everyone at least once.

The best place to do so is in the mountains. However, all of the excitement can be cut short by little ones (or even the grown-ups) saying that they are not feeling well. If you or a loved one is starting to feel the begging of motion sickness, here are some questions you can ask yourself:

Have they eaten before getting in the car?

Sometimes having a large meal before a car ride can be a sure way to get nausea to start creeping its eery head into the fray. But we have also heard that many people feel nauseous if they have not eaten anything before getting on the road. Make sure to eat something small.

Can they see out in front of the car?

One of my best friends has to either be driving or riding shotgun to avoid any motion sickness. This made it particularly interesting during Summer camps, and missions trip when we were traveling in large coach buses.

If even after those tweaks, you are still experiencing the motion sickness, then you can enjoy your trip by trying the following recipe:

3 Drops of Ginger Essential Oil
15 Drops of Orange Essential Oil

orange-essential-oilginger-essential-oilThere are a few ways that you can get the maximum benefit from this method. This recipe smells terrific and would be great to be shared with the rest of your traveling party. You can use a car diffuser to enjoy with everyone in the car, or put the essential oil drops onto a tissue or cotton ball and inhale (note: be careful not to get ginger onto your nose or facial skin as it can be irritatingly hot).