Essential Oils for Hormone Balance

Hormonal-BalanceCortisol, estrogen, thyroid If youve been reading up on any health topic, chances are that youve come across these names very often. They are all examples of important hormones, and hormones are a topic thats getting more attention with each passing year.

And with all the side effects that come with taking hormone replacement drugs, an increasing number of people are turning to essential oils for hormone balance. In fact, when I was recently diagnosed with severe adrenal fatigue, I tried the drugs and supplements prescribed by a naturopath. But those things led to constipation, bloating, swelling, heart trouble and even more fatigue.

At bottom, hormones are the bodys signaling mechanism. They are complex little chemicals that travel around telling various parts of your body how to work.

There are several dozen different hormones, and the picture quickly becomes very complicated, with one hormone stimulating the release of another, which in turn stimulates the release of a third, which does something else. Different parts of your body are responsible for producing different hormones, and there are complex feedback mechanisms that regulate the levels of each hormone.

When it comes to hormones, there is no good and bad. Its all about having hormonal balance that adapts appropriately as you go through your day. As you may have experienced, this balance is very delicate, and many things can upset it: stress, illness, pregnancy, your diet, environmental toxins, or simply aging. In my case, I found that trying to make my body achieve normal hormonal ranges using drugs and supplements backfired significantly. In fact, I ended up having a near death experience (which was awesome for other reasons).

When hormonal balance is lost, things can get very bad very quickly. Cancer, heart disease, depression, and just about any kind of illness can be caused or made worse by hormone imbalances. Also, hormone imbalances can slyly contribute to other health issues, such as obesity, infertility, or autoimmune conditions.

The good news is that essential oils helped bring my body and countless others back to hormonal equilibrium without any side effects. Thats because unlike drugs and supplements, essential oils dont force a change to hormonal production. They stimulate the bodys own natural healing process by tuning the brain in to where healing needs to happen.

The following essential oils are particularly powerful for balancing the hormonal profile:

These oils can be used topically, by mixing a few drops of an essential oil with a tablespoon of a carrier oil, and applying over the affected gland or to the soles of your feet. The essential oils will absorb into your bloodstream to do their magic. You can also diffuse each of these oils regularly, and this should help improve any hormonal issues you might have.

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