Honoring the Heart

The Gladiolus Flower, a symbol of strength, virtue, pride, and honor.

What does it mean, “to live with honor? Honor is the idea of a bond, or an agreeance of moral code, held between an individual and the rest of society. Of course, the socially agreed-upon value of this concept changes throughout time, across cultures, and even from person to person, but I think one thing most of us can agree upon is that most importantly, honor has to do with living as an example of what’s true in our hearts.

How do we live with honor? Firstly, choosing between behaviors is a very convincing illusion, but it’s still a lie. Actions and behaviors are the automatic effects of what we think is true.

So we can forget about trying to make the right choice about how to act. That only confuses the mind and sets us up for feeling guilty and for projecting guilt onto ourselves and others.

Feelings show us when our thoughts are at odds with our heart’s truth, and every upset or unloving feeling presents an opportunity to have a thinking error corrected.

Correction of erroneous thoughts is given to anyone who knows they need it. The only trouble is that human consciousness is conditioned to believe that whatever it thinks to be true is true, even if it hurts our heart.

The one choice we can make is between accepting a thought that hurts as if it’s the truth, or acknowledging that the thought itself is an error that needs correction…because it hurts. Choosing the heart’s truth over learned truths can be very frightening but it’s also the most rewarding choice that can be made.

Depending on the choice we make, our actions and behaviors can emerge more from the heart and less from confusion. To honor the heart’s truth is a gift to every member of society as well as being a gift to ourselves.

We know that every day you do your best to meet yourself, and the world, from your heart space— with honor. In order to offer you a little bit of encouragement on your path, we’ve created two very special blends…