What Is The Best Essential Oil For Meditation? - Rhododendron Essential Oil Of Course

An essential oil that embodies adaptability, resilience, and opportunity, the rhododendron is a generous and openhanded spirit that will help you bloom as you continue ever onward in your journeys. This oily ally is one whose powers we can invoke in moments of uncertainty to bring warmth and light back into our lives, preparing us for our next conscious awakening. Miracle Botanicals’ Rhododendron Essential Oil will bestow all these qualities and then some if you’re willing to open your palm!

Rhododendron Essential Oil has a fragrant blend of sweet, spicy, and herbal scents. The blossoms of the rhododendron carry subtle spicy notes similar to clove and nutmeg, and fruity, sweet, floral notes, that can draw in pollinators. Many find rhododendron reminiscent of honeysuckle. The sweet and spicy notes of the blossom are grounded with its leaves in the distillation process, offering an herbal, balsamic balance and conveying the true essence of the rhododendron.

Because of its fragrance, Rhododendron Essential Oil is lovely as an aromatic perfume when mixed with a carrier oil. Perfect to wear for a romantic encounter, use as a massage oil, or as a natural deodorant. (Always dilute essential oils with a carrier oil before applying to the skin.)

Growing between the sizes of a small shrub and sometimes a large tree, the rhododendron is a dominant understory tree. It thrives in the understory during the cold and dark months. When the temperature drops below freezing, rhododendron curls its leaves into tubes, keeping them warm and protecting them from frost damage.

The spirit of Rhododendron Essential Oil reminds us to embody adaptability, resilience, and to relish opportunity in order to prosper and flourish. Rhododendron also reminds us that it’s okay to go within when times get dark and frosty, but that we have to open our palms again to the warmth and light when it comes calling.

Additionally, rhododendron is considered a sacred plant and Buddhist monks have burned it as an incense for meditative purposes. Because of its centering and settling properties, diffusing this oil in meditation spaces is recommended to aid one in contemplation.

Learn how you can incorporate Rhododendron Essential Oil into your routine…

Sacred Rumination Diffusion

Because rhododendron is revered as a sacred plant it’s an excellent choice to diffuse in meditation spaces.

Combine these oils by slowly mixing in a glass bowl. Pour into diffuser.

Abundance Anointing Oil

Rhododendron embodies opportunity and resilience, bringing prosperity in times of need. This anointing oil will imbue abundance unto those who need it.

Combine oils by slowly mixing in a glass bowl. Apply to center of forehead.

Alluring Elixir

Just as the rhododendron lures pollinators to its blossoms, you too can use this fragrance when romance calls! Use this recipe either as a perfume or massage oil.

Combine oils by mixing slowly in a glass bowl. Warm between palms before applying.

The myriad of uses for Miracle Botanicals’ Rhododendron Essential Oil are abundant indeed. From embodying and imbuing resilience and opportunity, an addition to meditation practices, or as a perfume and massage oil, this potent plant medicine reminds us to live with an open palm! A wonderful addition to any home apothecary.