Spend this Summer in Full Bloom

secret flower garden essential oil setFlowers can help us feel supported and appreciated as we journey through any season, and especially through the long, hot days of summer.

Flowers are a part of the plant kingdom that tends to draw us in — they signify new life and connection. Some scientists believe that the beauty and fragrance of flowers are not just there to call in pollinators, but also to draw humans to plants that will soon produce food. Flowers are nature’s steadfast symbol of life supporting life.

The heavenly fragrance of flowers can hold us in its embrace the same way an old friend can, bringing peace, joy, and gentleness to any moment.

Can you imagine sitting in a field of 10,000 roses, or walking through a blossoming orange orchard? As amazing as it would be, that experience is not immediately accessible to all of us in the physical realm. Fortunately, we can be transported via our senses to these serene and supportive spaces in our hearts and mind.

Floral essential oils delight the senses and invite the mind on journey that can be carried throughout the day.

magnolia-flower-essential-oilOne of our favorite floral essential oils is Magnolia. This rare and unique essential oil is steam distilled from the strongly fragrant flowers of the Magnolia tree. In traditional Chinese medicine, Magnolia flowers were used to move qi throughout the body. In aromatherapy, Magnolia Flower Essential Oil is known as a calming, relaxing, and soothing oil.

Have you ever wondered why flower blossom essential oils are so valuable? There are so many essential oils that use the leaves and twigs along with the flower in the distillation process — lavender is one of these — but using the petal alone provides a uniquely potent oil that creates an even more powerful and refined aromatic experience.

As we explore further, we find that the sheer volume of plant material used in these floral essential oils is astounding! And the care and handling of all these delicate little petals on their way to being distilled is also very important.

Just a single pint of Rose Essential oil takes about 10,000 rose petals, and to make twice as much Neroli Essential Oil takes an entire TON of fragile blossoms from the orange tree. Can you imagine picking 10,000 roses, or a ton of neroli blossoms and getting them into the distiller before they wilt? That amount of labor takes a lot of love and dedication.

100% Flower Petals

With the essence of every petal expressed (and no distraction from stem or leaf), these flower oils are extremely concentrated and packed with remarkable benefits. Many of our floral essential oils are soothing, uplifting, heart-opening, aphrodisiac, anti-inflammatory, and known to reduce anxiety and depression. Their aromas are rich and decadent, often smelling just as delightful and complex when diluted in a carrier oil as they do at their full strength. A little bit goes a long way!

Floral fragrances are popularly used in cosmetics today, but don’t be fooled — many perfumes and cosmetics are made from synthetic chemical fragrances and do not contain any of the therapeutic properties the flower actually carries, even if it is advertised as a floral scent.

Authentic Ingredients

It’s actually extremely rare to find products that contain real essential oils with no additives, so take caution before purchasing a floral-scented lotion. Neroli is one of the most commonly adulterated essential oils on the market.

Some essential oils that are made from the flower blossom alone are as follows:


True Neroli Essential Oil requires one ton of flower blossoms from the bitter orange tree to make one quart of oil. In order to create quality essential oil from this flower, the blossoms must be distilled immediately after harvesting — a very labor-intensive endeavor. In some traditions, brides would include neroli flowers in her wedding wreath and the newly-wedded couple would spread Neroli on their wedding bed to enhance intimacy and soothe their uneasiness. This flower has also been known to awaken creativity, wisdom, and intuition. See our pre-diluted Neroli Essential Oil in Meadowfoam Seed oil intended for immediate topical application and perfume!


Jasmine flowers have a long rich history in several cultures and have always been identified with feelings of beauty and divinity. In addition to being very nourishing and healing for the skin, this oil also stimulates passion and desire while taming inhibitions and quieting thoughts. The delicate aroma of the jasmine flower is unique and seductive.

Rose Otto

This Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil, also known as Rose Otto is harvested from the world-renowned Kazanlak Valley of Roses, which is considered to have the best soil structure, air humidity, and precipitation for growing these plants. This valley is surrounded by mountains and forests that cradle this sacred land, protecting it from the outside world. Bulgarian Rose Otto harvests occur in late spring and are still hand-picked according to the 300-year old tradition. It is no wonder that the frequency of roses opens the heart to unconditional love and gratitude! See our Rose diluted in Meadowfoam Seed Oil intended for immediate topical application and perfume.


This flower is native to South and Southeast Asia, and when this tree is in bloom the fragrance emitted by its flowers can be smelled from 100 feet away. Champaca Oil has a lingering scent, creating an atmosphere of concentration. As much as Champaca is being used in religious places, they can as well be used in homes to bring relaxing, peaceful, and refreshing moods.

Because of how potent these floral essential oils are, we decided to make a 10% dilution floral essential oil set. Check out our Secret Flower Garden Essential Oil Dilute Set!

In addition, here are some essential oils that can mix well together for a beautiful floral fragrance or perfume:

blue-tansy-essential-oilBlue Tansy Essential Oil comes from a small flower that grows in Morocco. This oil is also known as Moroccan Chamomile or Moroccan Tansy oil and is well known for its rich blue color due to the presence of chamazulene, a unique anti-inflammatory compound. Our Blue Tansy Essential Oil contains 6.85% chamazulene, which is higher than the average 3-6% of most other Moroccan Blue Tansy. Blue Tansy is a very rare essential oil, and there are frequent shortages in its supply. Unfortunately, this means that some blue tansy oil that’s available on the market is commonly adulterated. Miracle Botanicals only provides 100% pure, therapeutic-grade Blue Tansy Essential Oil sourced straight from the plant.

roman-chamomile-essential-oilRoman Chamomile essential oil has a sweet and soothing aroma, while it is extremely gentle and useful for all age groups. Of the Chamomile varieties, Roman Chamomile essential oil is the most highly recommended as a calming agent and to relieve sore muscles. Roman Chamomile is commonly used in body and skin care products due to its anti-inflammatory benefits and its ability to support healthy and vibrant skin. See our pre-diluted Roman Chamomile in Argan Oil for immediate topical application!

german-chamomile-essential-oilGerman Chamomile is a small flowering plant spread throughout Europe and Asia. It has been used since antiquity for its powerful anti-inflammatory and pain-relief benefits. In fact, the striking blue color of this oil comes from the chemical component chamazulene, which gives German Chamomile its anti-inflammatory properties. Miracle Botanicals German (Blue) Chamomile Essential Oil is grown in the soil and climate of Egypt. Use our pre-diluted German Chamomile in Argan Oil meant for immediate topical application!

organic-cistus-essential-oilThis Cistus Essential Oil comes from the same evergreen bush as rockrose cistus, but is made from a pink variety of cistus flower with a slightly different quality and fragrance. It helps quiet the mind and may calm. It also stimulates the five senses: touch, feeling, hearing, sight and taste.

egyptian-geranium-essential-oilEgyptian Geranium Essential Oil has an aroma that is rich, sweet, quite floral, and very pleasing. There are over 200 species of Geranium; the Graveolens variety is known to produce the highest quality and most therapeutic Geranium Essential Oil. Geranium Essential Oil is widely used in aromatherapy as a balancing oil for the skin, PMS, and Menopause. Geranium Essential Oil is also used to balance and regulate hormones and bacteria in the body. Egyptian and Reunion Geranium Essential Oils tend to be the heaviest with the most therapeutic properties.

corsican-helichrysum-essential-oilCorsican Helichrysum Italicum Essential Oil has a rich, potent aroma and striking medicinal qualities, although the yellow flowers appear small and understated. The plant grows wild on a small island off the coast of France. Helichrysum is known as one of the most powerful oils for skin health and cell regeneration. It can also be an aid in cases of healing physical and emotional trauma. The aroma of Helichrysum can be compared to curry, as many of its active oils are curcumins, the anti-inflammatories also found in turmeric. Helichrysum Corsica is a sub species of Helichrysum Italicum, and is known for its especially high levels of the compound neryl acetate, which is an anti-spasmodic and contributes to the more richly floral aroma of this oil.

fine-french-lavender-essential-oilOur richly scented Fine French Lavender essential oil is cultivated and grown high in elevation on the foothills of the Alps in the breathtaking countryside of Provençe. The fresh, sweet, natural-floral aroma of this particular variety of lavender is slightly more herbaceous and gentler than our other European Lavenders.

This variety also boasts a 34% Linalyl Acetate content which usually indicates an oil that is greatly helpful in promoting relaxation and enhancing your mood while creating an atmsophere of tranquility, calm and peace.

We love diffusing this blend in our office space during busy hours and in our homes while we settle down to fall asleep. Its yummy smell and incredible array of health benefits fills us up with all the good vibes and feels.

ylang-ylang-essential-oil-completeYlang Ylang essential oil is distilled in stages from the fragrant flowers of the Ylang Ylang plant, which grows in Madagascar.

Each stage of distillation produces a distinct essential oil, with a unique aroma, chemical profile, and therapeutic benefits.As its name suggests, Ylang Ylang Complete essential oil is a full, uninterrupted distillation.

As a result, the Complete distillation yields a complete and most representative collection of Ylang Ylang compounds.Compared to other Ylang Ylang distillations, Ylang Ylang Complete contains higher amounts of the sesquiterpene Germacrene D, a compound that’s been studied for its antibacterial and cancer-protective actions.

organic-palmarosa-essential-oilOur Organic Palmarosa Essential Oil is steam distilled from the dried grass part of the plant, which is harvested before it begins to flower. The sweet smelling rosy oil is also known as Indian Geranium, as the oil has a very similar scent to geranium. Palmarosa has been used throughout India for thousands of years as a remedy for infection and fever. Palmarosa essential oil contains high amounts of geraniol, which is a natural bactericide and antiseptic. Palmarosa essential oil is commonly used for hydrating the skin. Just a few drops may be applied to any skincare regimen to help with wrinkles, acne, acne scars, and broken veins. Palmarosa essential oil is known to have effective benefits on the digestive system. The oil is commonly used in Indian curry to aid digestion and also in African meat dishes to kill bacteria.