Tarragon: The "Little Dragon" of Plant Medicine

Native to the Eurasian territory, Tarragon is a serpentine-like herb that grows by the bush with slender leaves and radiant yellow flowers. Its modern name is derived from the Latin term Artemisia “Dracunculus” roughly translating to “Little Dragon Plant.” This perennial plant has been cultivated throughout the ages and is most familiarly known to us as a spice, but did you know that Tarragon has tremendous therapeutic benefits, too?

As an herbal medicine, Tarragon has been traditionally used for a vast variety of applications! Throughout Mongolia, it was used to assist in clearer breathing, and as a sleep aid. In Middle Eastern cultures, it was considered a powerful aphrodisiac and was used in many sensual remedies. Among the Greeks and Romans, Tarragon was employed to treat cholera and toothaches. Native Americans even used this herb to soothe heart palpitations by chewing on the leaves.

So, what benefits can Tarragon offer us in aromatherapy? Good question! Tarragon Essential Oil has a green and spicy, yet sweet aroma, similar in some ways to Anise. The entire part of the flowering plant is used to make this steam distilled, high-frequency plant medicine. Among its benefits, Tarragon Essential Oil is considered…

  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antimicrobial
  • Antioxidant

  • Antispasmodic
  • Diuretic
  • Vermifuge
  • Emmenagogue

Fascinating! Let’s continue to take a closer, more in-depth look at the specific health and wellness benefits that Tarragon Essential Oil is known to offer.

For the Heart

The primary chemical compound found within Tarragon Essential Oil is Estragole. Some studies have been conducted to show that this compound has a positive effect on soothing the cardiovascular system. As an antispasmodic, it does this by relaxing the related muscles, allowing the heart, the aorta, and ileal, to function more easily. Thus, it is thought to help with heart rate, palpitations and arrhythmia.

For the Blood

Tarragon Essential Oil is believed to improve blood circulation while also reducing blood sugar, making it beneficial to hematic health. It is often cited as a useful aid to relieve and prevent blood clots. This benefit is also correlated related to heart health as mentioned above, and menstrual regulation as we will continue to discuss below.

*Please note that Tarragon and Tarragon Essential Oil are not recommended during a time when would healing or blood clotting may be desired.

For the Woman

Cited as an emmenagogue, Tarragon Essential Oil is noted for its use in thinning the blood and improving circulation, it can additional be used by women who wish to induce menstruation. Is your period taking longer than usual to arrive? This might be just the thing you need. Additionally, Tarragon Essential Oil is also thought to relieve muscle cramps and spasms, and is used in some traditional practices to induce labor.

For the Gut

Just as Tarragon Essential Oil may soothe muscles from the heart to the feminine reproductive system, it is touted as providing these benefits for the stomach as well. And we all know that a more relaxed gut leads to a smoother digestive journey! It is also believed to promote bile production, which is an important element for breaking down waste and removing it from the body. Additionally, as a vermifuge, Tarragon Essential Oil is often recommended to aid in ridding the body of intestinal parasites.

For a tiny little herb with such fierce benefits, no wonder Tarragon earned the name and reputation of a “Little Dragon!” If you are feeling called to add Tarragon Essential Oil to your aromatherapy collection, you can find it right on our website, along with recipes and even more information….