The Ultimate Grounding Essential Oil Formula: Earth Blend

Earth Blend, Pure Essential Oil Synergy Blend, contains the finest essential oils, which manifest grounding, strengthening, and calming throughout the mind, body, and spirit. The blend provides calmness throughout the mind and body while relieving the mind of stress, tension, and hyperactivity. Earth Blend will ultimately stabilize the root chakra and ground and connect one’s energy with a strong sense of being!

Earth Blend contains three of the finest essential oils known to assist in grounding one’s energy and relax, clear, and center one’s thoughts and emotions. The blend includes Australian Sandalwood, which has a calming, grounding, and relaxing properties while stimulating root and sacral chakras. The stimulation of the sacral chakra will allow you to decide which thoughts you want to have and be able to discard the rest!

The next oil in the Earth Blend is an Indonesian Vetiver. Vetiver’s purpose is to ground and stabilize the emotions while relaxing a hyperactive mind and ease an insecure mind. Vetiver greatly stimulates the root and crown chakras. The stimulation of the crown chakra supports an overview of habitual thoughts and facilitates a centered and relaxed state of being.

Earth Blend is then topped off with Himalayan Cedarwood Essential Oil. Cedarwood’s purpose is to clear and cleanse, as well as provide positive grounding energy free of stress and anxiety! Himalayan Cedarwood is widely used in aromatherapy for its powerful and subtle energy work as well as its relaxing and soothing properties to the mind and soul!


Emotions: Earth Blend may be used as a sedative to help release worry, stress, anger, nervous tension, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. The blend can provide calming and soothing effects on the mind. The blend can also instill self-confidence, comfort, and strength in order to cope with fear and stress with balance and stability.

Earth Blend may be used as a tonic for the nervous system, as it will soothe the nerves and release feelings of depression. The Indonesian Vetiver Essential Oil contained in the blend gives the oil excellent aphrodisiac properties, which allows healing of sexual disorders, such as frigidity, impotence, and lack of libido. Earth Blend may be an excellent brain stimulator and can be used to stimulate healing energy, inspiration, and creativity!

Skincare: Earth Blend may be diluted in a carrier oil to create an excellent facial and skincare formula. The oil may also be used as a natural and healing deodorant as the combination of the three oils provides excellent relief from even the strongest bodily odors. For the skin, the blend can provide healing and balancing of dry skin, oily skin, acne, sunburn, and wrinkled and/or aged skin. The blend can also help to balance major skin conditions including, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, and seborrhoeic. Earth Blend may also help to nourish and hydrate the skin when used in a daily facial blend. *Note: When used on facial skin and sensitive skin areas, the blend must be diluted in a carrier oil to ensure ultimate healing!

Physical: All of the oils contained in the Earth Blend are anti-spasmodic, which allows the blend to relieve spasms of the respiratory system, intestines, muscles, heart, and nerves. The blend may also be used as a tonic for the physical effects of the nervous system, as it can help rid of any nervous disorders including, hysteria, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, and lack of control over the limbs. The oil may also provide relief and healing of any type of infection, as all three oils are highly anti-septic, which inhibits microbial growth in any infected area.

Earth Blend is also an astringent, which helps strengthen loose muscles, gums, teeth, and diarrhea. All three oils in the blend can greatly assist with ultimate respiratory system functioning. The Himalayan Cedarwood Essential Oil can efficiently remove phlegm from the respiratory tracts and lungs, while the Vetiver Essential Oil can help return the respiratory tract to a calm state by lowering heart rate and rapid breathing. The Australian Sandalwood Essential Oil is one of the best-known oils to help with ultimate respiratory tract functioning, as it can be used for many respiratory illnesses and is encouraged for chronic bronchitis.

Spiritual: Earth Blend is an extremely spiritually and emotionally grounding blend, as it contains three of the most grounding essential oils discovered. The blend may also be used for meditational and yogic practices, as it helps to quiet and calm the mind and allow the Divine light to flow through ones being! All three oils are highly coveted ritual oils and provide increase psychic protection and intuition. Use Earth Blend daily for clearing, centering, calming, and opening of the mind and body!

Chakras Affected

First Chakra: Root This blend helps to connect one’s energy to the energies of the earth. The root chakra governs one’s basic needs and survival and the earth sustains our basic needs and our survival which makes it vital to be energetically connected and harmonized with the earth’s deep-rooted energy! The blend also assists with releasing feelings of isolation from others by healing feelings of depression, anxiety, and fear. Lastly, the blend is extremely grounding and connects us with a strong sense of being!

Second Chakra: Sacral Earth Blend can also disperse and cleanses a person or area of negative energies while providing boosted self-esteem. The blend also encourages sensuality, while enhancing sexual energy.

Third Chakra: Solar Plexus This pure blend assists one in learning to trust gut instincts and feelings in order to connect to our personal life and spiritual path while resonating with higher wisdom. Through this, confidence in the Divine self is promoted.

Fourth Chakra: Heart Earth Blend assists in dealing with emotional heaviness, depression, and feelings of lack and less than. The blend will open the heart to trust and to receive healing energy. One will also be able to become more grounded and relaxed and transcend into feelings of inspiration and creativity!

Sixth Chakra: Third Eye Use this blend to quiet mental chatter, promote a deep meditative state and invoke spiritual wisdom. This allows one to better receive and be able to integrate healing energy.

Seventh Chakra: Crown Earth Blend allows for deep meditation and quieting of the mind in order to fully open the crown chakra and receive Divine energy. The oil also provides assistance with transcending negative thoughts and emotions in order to be fully open to receive. The blend also instills a sense of unity, while igniting higher consciousness and purifying the mind, body, and spirit!

Utilize the full benefits of Earth Blend with these spiritually enhancing and physically beneficial recipes!


Nature's Scent Perfume

Use this perfume oil and embrace a fresh, woodsy aroma!

Gently rub into your wrists, neck, and underarms.

Grounding for Clarity Diffusion

When needing clarity on a situation or your life path, breathe in this diffusion during a meditation session. It can assist your being by allowing the grounding energy of the earth to provide you unbending reassurance.

Bath for Emotional Stability

Heal your emotional wellbeing with a bath that invokes a sense of stability that can help ease anxiety and unveil the illusion of intrusive thoughts that keep your emotions imbalanced.

Place into 3 handfuls of bath salt and disperse into a tub sufficiently filled with water.

Create the space in your apothecary for divine grounding energy with the powerful and pure Earth Blend Essential Oil!