Essential Oils for Addiction

Essential Oils for Addiciton

Many people have successfully used essential oils as a remedy for addiction, and toward the end of this article I’ve listed some of the best essential oils and essential oil blends to help curb specific addictive behaviors. 

Let Essential Oils for Addiction Retrain Your Brain

But first, let’s address how these natural oils can help us heal our addictive mind, which is the cause of all apparently addictive behavior….This step is important, because a mind without belief in unhappy thoughts cannot perceive addictive behavior.

Whether we seem to be addicted to drugs, food, laziness, alcohol, sex, internet, drama, etcetera, we are really perceiving the effects of the unhappy thoughts we pursued in the past. Through biochemical messaging, aromatherapy oils teach us how to be released from thoughts that we’ve been using to attack our innocence.

With guilty thoughts being the only thing holding the illusion of addiction in place, the way to truly heal our perception of addictive behavior is through noticing, acknowledging and accepting the immediate effect unhappy thoughts have on our feelings and mood.

Many pure essential oils and blends make awesome companions for true healing, because they communicate with our cells on the level of energy with the purpose of facilitating our release from addiction and thoughts that are unworthy of us.

Best Essential Oils to Help with Addiction

To name a few, Helichrysum Italicum, Rose, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Wisdom & Stillness Blend, Rosemary and Frankincense essential oils can help comfort, calm and prepare the mind to surrender harmful concepts. Helichrysum Italicum is especially revered for helping to gently expose unconscious thought patterns and their effects.

With natural essential oils, there is no need for any goal to stop the behavior, unless someone is being harmed. You may have already realized that the energy of trying to resist any behavior automatically triggers an unconscious ulterior motive.

The same makes curbing addictive behavior difficult, and if one does quit, the addictive behavior is merely transferred to something else, like conflict or drama, for instance.

Addictive behavior isn’t a problem in reality, but perceiving addiction is symbolic of an error in your thinking. It’s an error to think in terms of guilt being a possibility for you. The gentler you’re willing to be with yourself, the more you’ll be able to see how you habitually deny your innocence, and how to choose innocence instead. A few drops of any of the oils named above in your essential oil diffuser may help you do this.

You deserve to be released from thinking errors and essential oils know that…unlike most of the people that are likely showing up in your world. However, when you are willing to be gentle with yourself, it affects the way people relate with you because it makes them feel and act gentler toward you.

If anyone in your life seems to be making you feel guilty for your addictive habits, that’s not about you. That’s a reflection of the guilt that they feel. They need you to allow compassion for yourself, so that it can extend to them.

I know it sounds counterintuitive to allow compassion for yourself when defensiveness and attempting to control yourself seem to be the only reasonable options. But just take a look at how that’s working out so far…


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