Breathe, Heal, and Cleanse with Cajeput Essential Oil

By Kendra Milliken

Cajeput Essential Oil is derived from the leaves of the majestic Melaleuca Cajuputi tree, which is more commonly known as the “white wood tree.” This tree falls in the same genus as Tea Tree which is why the two oils share so many similar properties. That means, if you are a fan of Tea Tree Essential Oil, then you will definitely enjoy the therapeutic benefits of Cajeput! If you are unfamiliar with either— don’t fret. We will be taking a look at the top 3 benefits of Cajeput Essential Oil’s best healing properties and going over why this essential oil should make it into your collection.

This oil is best known for its respiratory relief and is an old standby for aromatherapists who consistently rely on it for breathe-easy solutions. Cajeput Essential Oil is said to clear out the air passageways to make breathing easier. One popular way to enjoy these benefits is by placing a few drops in a diffuser and letting the oil accentuate the air.

Additionally, Cajeput Essential Oil is full of antimicrobial compounds and can help get rid of harmful microorganisms that can cause further respiratory strain like the cold and flu.

As previously mentioned, Cajeput Essential Oil is known for its antimicrobial compounds, which is one of the top reasons why it makes a great antiseptic. This oil is often used for topical relief of burns, wounds, and scars as well as pain in joints and muscle cramps throughout the body.

Ladies, this means that Cajeput Essential Oil can be especially helpful with those not so wonderful, monthly menstrual cramps! This desired effect can be achieved by applying just a few drops of Cajeput Essential Oil to the afflicted area and letting the soothing properties take place. The results will be sure to keep you feeling refreshed and grateful that you added Cajeput Essential Oil as a staple to your first aid kit.

Since Cajeput is classified as an astringent, this makes the essential oil ideal for someone who is afflicted by oily skin. Thanks to its tonic and antiseptic properties, Cajeput Essential Oil can additionally be used to help alleviate acne. By adding a few droplets to your daily skincare routine, you can totally transform your complexion. Are you ready to feel more confident in the skin you’re in? And while we’re talking about Cajeput Essential Oil for skincare, we would also like to note that many people use this oil to treat more serious issues like mites, scabies, and topical fungal infections.

Get the most out of Cajeput Essential Oil with easy recipes below!

Anti Acne Salve

Blend the oils together and apply regularly to any acne or blemishes until skin normalizes.

Easy Breathing Diffusion

Diffuse an equal number of drops into your diffuser.

Massage Oil for Pained Joints

Blend the oils together and use as a massage oil on aching joints and muscles.

These are just a few of the incredible, therapeutic benefits of Cajeput Essential Oil. If you are interested in learning more about this high-frequency plant medicine or adding it to your collection, visit the full product profile on our website.