Clear the Air with Fir Needle Essential Oil

The thought of Fir Needle usually evokes images of a wintery wonderland and memories of Christmas and snow, but this tree and its therapeutic essential oil is great any time of year, on any occasion, because of its incredible medicinal properties and immune-boosting qualities.

Our Fir Needle Essential Oil is steam distilled from the needles of the Abies Sibirica species of Fir tree grown in the majestic mountains of northern Russia. In many cultures, these trees are known as “forest healers” due to their ability to purify the soil and air and enhance the health and mood of people that spend time in their presence.

In fact, “forest bathing” has become very popular in areas of the world that are heavily populated with Fir and Pine trees. This form of healing involves ‘bathing’ yourself in the light, sounds, and smells of the forest to increase energy, elevate mood, reduce anxiety and increase immune response. The fresh, woody, camphorous aroma of Fir Needle Essential Oil conjures feelings of relaxation, while simultaneously creating a euphoric and revitalized disposition, guiding you into a balanced state of being.

Fir Needle Essential Oil is a go-to for supporting upper respiratory health and increasing the fortitude of the lungs and airway passages. A great time to whip out this oil is when you feel the symptoms of a cold coming on or when you are having trouble with seasonal allergies. During the damp, brisk months of the year, we tend to be outside less and in enclosed spaces with recycled air, which usually carries airborne illnesses. Using Fir Needle Essential Oil in a diffuser can help fend off those pesky sicknesses that can put a damper on the season’s festivities.

Also great for muscle aches and arthritic pain, Fir Needle Essential Oil can be used in a massage blend to work out all the kinks in your body and to act as an analgesic to reduce chronic pain in your joints.

When you feel the symptoms of fatigue or gloominess setting in, we recommend trying out one of the Fir Needle Essential Oil recipes below so that you can snap out of your funk and get back to living life to its fullest!

Shower Steam Blend

Release a foresty, floral aroma, and transform your bathroom into a peaceful log cabin in the woods.

Add this blend onto a wet washcloth while you shower.

Deep Breath Diffuser Blend

Try out this diffuser combo when you want to instill a sense of calm and tranquility in your home or when you need a minute to catch your breath.

Bug Blaster Diffuser Blend

Creepy, crawly pests won’t leave you alone? Keep them at bay with this lemony, camphorous, repellent blend.

If you are feeling called to add Fir Needle Essential Oil to your aromatherapy collection, you can be sure to enjoy the multitude of wellness benefits it has to offer.