25 Top Essential Oils to Rejuvenate Your Body

It’s Spring and there is no better time than now to welcome transformation! If you desire to usher in wholeness during this season, then it’s time to create a nourishing, peaceful, and productive space. Embrace the cycles of rebirth, growth, transformation and beauty. Use essential oils that accentuate your radiant health by inspiring clarity, freedom, compassion, and grace.

Boost Your Youthful Glow:

Blue Tansy is well known to help reduce inflammation, and redness. We have seen amazing results when applying Blue Tansy repeatedly to blemishes. Blue Tansy is a favorite at our Miracle Botanicals office for cooling, relaxing and harmonizing the energy. Blue Tansy’s anti-histamine properties also make it great to have on hand for those who experience seasonal allergies.

Make your skin radiant! Even out skin tone, heal blemishes, promote cell regeneration, and reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Carrot Seed Essential Oil has been used to ground spiritual energy into the physical plane. Try Carrot Seed Essential Oil!

Helichrysum Italicum is the key ingredient for many skincare products. Regenerate skin cells, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and provide the skin with a fresh, youthful glow. These powerful oil has also earned the title “honey for the psyche” — release emotions from the past and create space for new stories to emerge.

Cape Chamomile has one of the highest Ester content in any essential oil. It is calming, sedative, regulating and rebalancing. This fruity and floral aroma creates a joyful and relaxing atmosphere that soothes the inner child in all of us. Use this plant ally to steam off the stress of a long day by adding it to a hot bath, or enjoy it in your home diffusor. Cape Chamomile is also great for fussy, frustrated children.

Give your skin some love for clear, even complexion and a youthful glow. Eternal Beauty is a blend of Jasmine, Helichrysum Italicum, Carrot Seed, Cape Chamomile, Calendula and Bay Laurel Leaf Essential Oils Diluted in Watermelon, Pomegranate and Argan Oil — this combo is hard to beat! Use this expertly-alchemized blend in the morning and at night and watch the magic happen.

The gentle, floral aroma of the Neroli blossom is the perfect ally to accompany us through periods deep transformation and rebirth. Neroli speaks to us of the caterpillar emerging from its chrysalis as a beautiful butterfly. As the world shifts and evolves, on both collective and personal levels, the angelic frequency of Neroli can offer us the grace, comfort, and a steady hand.

The intoxicating and luxurious aroma of Jasmine stands out from the rest. Flow into states of deeper intimacy and connection with yourself, your partner, and the higher realms with this plant ally. Some people experience prophetic dreaming when working with this oil. Try a Blend of Jasmine, Neroli, Vanilla and German Chamomile before sleep!

Lavender is one of the most researched oils on the market and known to be one of the most versatile in benefits as well — Lavender is the swiss army knife of essential oils! From skincare & hair health, to the nervous system, immune system, and respiratory system, Lavender Essential Oil can help to promote a sense of ease and uplift the entire system.

Create a Nourishing Environment

Did you know that being surrounded in clutter can often lead to distress or chaos in the mind? Spring time offers us a season to reset. There can be heightened inspiration to create new healthy habits, deeply cleanse your space, reorganize and declutter during this season.

Say good bye to dust bunnies and hello to a refreshing, peaceful and nourishing environment by cleaning with these powerful oils. You can add essential oils to your current cleaning products or make your own formula! Try using natural soap, witch-hazel (or water) and any of the following essential oils for a potently refreshing cleaning formula!

We formulated Disinfect Spray to help clear and clean where ever you are! Use as a disinfectant for surfaces, hands, or body when you are on-the-go. This spray can be helpful in disinfecting and drying out rashes or blemishes, promoting rapid skin-cell regeneration and detoxification.

Premium Protection Spray was alchemized to help clear harmful energies and bacteria, while boosting the body’s natural defenses. Spray in your car, house or bedroom to clean and clear the air.

Bring balance and flow into your space with Geranium Essential Oil. This one is especially helpful for keeping the critters away!

Uplift and transcend your space with Sage. This plant can provide us with a blank canvas energetically. Diffusing Sage while you clean can also help you stay stimulated, motivated and inspired in creating exactly what it is you need.

Grapefruit adds a certain sparkle to any blend or space. Create an environment of satisfaction, joy, and refreshment in your space. This oil is great for blending, and helps us to slim down and “cut away the fat” in more ways than one.

Lemon Essential Oil is known to be a great for cleaning floors, countertops, and even laundry! We have used Lemon Essential Oil to help eliminate stains, refresh clothing, and promote a refreshing and outgoing space.

Orange makes a perfect addition to cleaning blends for its uplifting energy. It is known to help keep bugs away and move stagnant energy. We have had great success in adding Orange, Cinnamon and Pine Resin for a cheerful cleaner.

Green Mandarin is one of our most unique Citrus Essential Oils. Nourish your nervous system and encourage feelings of safety and calm with this plant ally.

Tea Tree is well known for its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial properties. Tea Tree Essential Oil is definitely a must in any cleaning blend. It is also great to have on hand when a seasonal cold comes around.

The Aroma of Lawson Cypress Essential Oil reminds us of those shiny floor cleaners. Make your house sparkle with this refreshing Pine aroma.

Lemongrass is known to keep flies, mosquitos and critters away. You can even apply a small amount to your pets fur to disinterest fleas! Lemongrass has been used in traditional cleaning recipes to change your luck and welcome new possibilities.

Citronella is similar to lemongrass. Diffuse on your porch or create your own bug spray by applying Citronella Essential Oil.

Nootka Tree has similar benefits to Tea Tree and makes an incredible alternative for cleaning blends. This oil is also known for supporting the respiratory system. Diffuse in your space to clear the air and breathe easy.

We all love using Cinnamon for its comforting aroma and creative, stimulating energy. Add to diffusing blends, and cleaners for anti-bacterial properties and a stimulating, beautifying aroma.

Cardamom is a sweet, spicy, and exotic aroma that can be added to blends for a stimulating twist. Add into your soaps, cleaners, spritzers, air fresheners and diffusers for its uniquely cheerful and intoxicatingly aroma.

Pine Resin Turpentine never lets us down when it comes to cleaning. We wipe down every surface with Pine Resin Turpentine at Miracle Botanicals, creating a clean, uplifting, fresh space.

The refreshing aroma of Peppermint is a no brainer when it comes to cleaning. Embrace creativity and alertness with this stimulating and cooling essential oil. Try adding a few drops to some distilled water or witch-hazel for a cooling spritzer on warm days.

Helichrysum Gymnocephalum is perfect for the diffuser. Strengthen the breath, release the past and bring life to the present with this invigorating essential oil.

Fir Needle Essential Oil is one of our favorite ways to bring the forest into the home. Airborne viruses and bacteria don’t stand a chance! You may also find the respiratory relief you didn’t know you needed. Try it in your cleaner, diffuser, or add a drop to a bowl of hot water for a clearing steam.

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