Enhance Sensuality with Essential Oils

Creating the perfect setting for a romantic moment can be easily enhanced with stimulating essential oils used in a variety of ways. For thousands of years, essential oils have delighted the senses, stirring up passion and desire for love. Whether used in a diffuser, spritzed on the linens, worn as a perfume or used as an intimate massage oil, essential oils have long been known as potent aphrodisiacs, increasing sexual desire and heightening intimacy.

Roses are a traditional symbol of love and with good reason. Particularly helpful to women, Bulgarian Rose Otto essential oil regulates sexual hormones that may interfere with pleasurable encounters. It is also known for uplifting overall well-being, fighting depression and insecurities that often dampen our desire for and enjoyment of intimate encounters.

Soothing Himalayan Cedarwood essential oil produces a calming effect on the mind and body. Alone, the potent oil enhances sensuality, increasing the power of attraction to create a romantic moment with plenty of spark. Himalayan Cedarwood works well with other aphrodisiac oils such as Ylang-Ylang Complete or Ylang-Ylang Extra and Australian Sandalwood for arousing blends that lend themselves well to intimate massage.

Rare Agarwood oil, known as Oud, is a potent aphrodisiac with a deeply exotic scent. A unique blend of the precious Oud oil and more common Hawaiian sandalwood oil, Attar of Oud can be just as effective as pure Oud, though less costly. Worn as a cologne or used as part of a massage oil, the addition of Oud minimizes common sexual ailments while increasing desire and heightening the senses for greater enjoyment.

Naturally stimulating to the body, Damiana essential oil increases libido and relieves impotence by increasing circulation. It also provides an emotional balance to thaw frigidity, effectively increasing passion and pleasure for both men and women. Damiana is a wonderful addition to any romantic massage oil used to create an intimate moment.

Widely known, Ylang Ylang oil strikes a balance between floral and masculine tones that appeals to both sexes. It calms the emotions, releasing anxiety and fear while allowing sexual encounters to be felt more deeply. Additionally, Ylang-ylang oil has a soft neutral scent that blends well with many aphrodisiac oils.

Heightening the romantic feelings, Australian Sandalwood calms and soothes the mind with its warm and spicy scent. Sandalwood can enhance sensuality and increase libido, stimulating sexual energy for greater pleasure. Sandalwood is effective when worn as a perfume or cologne or when added to a romantic blend for an intimate bath or massage.

We also have some blends that seem to invoke sensual feelings. They are the all wood blend, Faery Woods, the stimulating yet calming Enchanted, and the chakra blends, Heart, Passion, and Unity.

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