Essential Oils for Mental Health

Essential Oils for Mental HealthFor centuries, people have been using essential oils for mental health. In fact, essential oils are the oldest form of medicine known to humans and they are quickly gaining notoriety as effective medicines in modern times.

Stress, anxiety, and depression are all forms of mental health disorders that go beyond the emotional and affect the physical body as well. Adding to the mental tension, pharmaceuticals often mask the deeper issues and encourage unwanted dependencies creating a vicious cycle that leaves us feeling out of control. Common illnesses, chronic pain and fatigue, inflammation and digestive issues are often an outward manifestation of mental tension. Essential oils can help minimize mental tension, stress, and negative emotions allow the body to promote natural healing throughout.

How to Use Essential Oils to Promote Mental Health:

All essential oils promote mental health because they communicate peace and extend loving thoughts to the mind. Essential Oils can be used for mental health topically as a perfume, as part of healing massage oil, in a room diffuser or in a bath, or inhaled directly from the bottle. See our article How to Use Essential Oils for detailed usage instructions.

Essential oils can calm the nervous system. Emotionally-grounding oils such as Palo Santo, Wisdom and Stillness Blend, Cedarwood and Vetiver allow us to release negative emotions, restoring balance and stability to our mental health. Increasing clarity and focus, these oils uplift us, clearing away self-doubt and insecurities while honing in our natural intuition and creativity.

Bringing tranquility, rare Agarwood Oil, also known as Oud, has been used for centuries and is known to strengthen and uplift the mind, clearing negativity to relieve mental tension, anxiety, and stress. Use the calming oil in a diffuser, or spritz on linens to promote restful sleep and for greater clarity and focus each morning.

Utilizing any or all of the seven Chakra oils encourages calmness, patience, and increases self-awareness, clarity, and connection, which naturally promotes mental health.

Rose oil promotes balanced hormones and emotions which supports proper mental health. The fragrant oil has been used for centuries as a powerful antidepressant, useful not only for bolstering self-awareness but also for relieving deep grief. Perfect for use as a perfume or in a bath, rose oil is particularly helpful for females as it helps regulate sexual hormones.

Encouraging the release of thoughts such as guilt, blame, victimization and shame, our Forgiving blend combines three essential oils that are known to help alleviate anxiety and stress centered on perceived guilt or shame. Apply this blend topically, inhaling often to break negative thought patterns associated with perceived guilt.