Celebrate Diwali With Essential Oils from India

Sunday marked the start of this five-day festival that is celebrated by over 1 billion Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains all over the world, making it one of the largest and most significant religious observances in existence today.

Diwali is thick with the smell of incense, marigolds and jasmine garlands, and the promise of a house full of sweets; alongside the smoky atmosphere of fireworks intermingling and flowing into songs wafting from the temple. Children dancing and playing in the streets, while their mothers use colored rice powder to trace intricate designs on the concrete floor, welcoming and enticing the bearers of good luck to visit their house first.

Diwali tells a story of celebration, good-will, perseverance and triumph over evil. By the light of the lamps that decorate our doorsteps, we look to the coming year to fulfill our hopes and wishes for a brighter tomorrow.

To aid in the warm reception of all good things yet to come, we’ve put together a ‘Revered and Classical Oils of India Set’ honoring our favorite essential oils that hail from India and the elaborate festive smells that color this holiday season.

This sultry, inviting set contains Champaca, Jasmine, Vintage Patchouli, Himalayan Cedarwood, Indian Vetiver and Davana, all sourced from India.

Blended together for use in a diffuser or applied individually, these oils touch on a wide range of benefits, from their aphrodisiac qualities and stimulating effects on the immune system, to their abilities to improve mood and relieve emotional and physical pain.

This week we are offering Himalayan Cedarwood Essential Oil as our ‘Oil of the Week’ as a complement and introduction to this exotic new set. This slightly sweet, balsamic oil is extracted from the wood chips of the majestic cedar trees that line the forests of Pakistan, Kashmir and north-west India. Its botanical name, Cedrus Deodara comes from the Sanskrit word “devadru” meaning timber of the gods. This sacred tree is well known in the east for its beautiful woody scent and its ability to bring forth positive energy and ground any erratic feelings that might come up. Himalayan Cedarwood is very useful for any issues of the skin or organs that are caused by inflammation due to its ability to reduce redness, swelling and congestion.

Try out our diffuser recipe for a taste of calm and positivity:

This diffuser blend is great for bringing up feelings of warmth and love and increasing the flow of positive energy in your home.

Wishing you a sky full of lights and a heart full of joy,

Happy Diwali from Miracle Botanicals!