Miracle Botanicals New Sexxy Blend Aims At Helping People Experience More Intimate Relationships!

Sexxy Blend pure essential oil synergy coupled with insights shared by Rev. Hope Johnson deliver the keys to transcending lack of intimacy, especially in long term relationship.

We at Miracle Botanicals know that being in love means never being without enough intimacy. It’s also known that experiencing lack of intimacy is a wonderful thing because it means that life is extending an invitation for the personality to expand to a new way of loving and being loved.

Miracle Botanicals aims to support this expansion through this powerful new pure essential oil synergy, aptly named Sexxy Blend. This pure essential oil blend is Reiki charged by Rev. Hope Johnson with the intent to help people recognize their inherent value as the Authentic Lover in their lives.

A longing for intimacy, no matter how seemingly insignificant creates a sense of separation between the personal self and Life itself. This longing affects ones potency, confidence and overall happiness as it manifests as dissatisfaction in relationship as well as other areas of experience such as career, friendships, etc.

Sexxy Blend is purposed as a potent aphrodisiac which also aims at helping people recognize that feelings of longing and dissatisfaction do not mean anything has gone wrong. The synergy of plant spirits in Sexxy Blend serve to remind people at an energetic level that these feelings are really the soul’s signal that there is energetic dissonance within the personal structure of thought which is ready to be released so that more joy, fun, passion and fulfillment can be experienced.

When people recognize their intimacy challenges as signals that they have outgrown their old way of relating, they can begin to accept reality as it is which leads to their rediscovering the thread of bliss that is the undercurrent of every experience.

Growing out of the old paradigm of wanting what you want and then feeling dissatisfied when you don’t get it can be a frightening yet rewarding process. It initially feels pretty scary to outgrow this habitual response, especially if this is how you have been conditioned through generations to contend with your feelings. While being challenged to grow in this way is inevitable, Sexxy Blend can help clear the fear, reveal excitement about possibilities for deeper experiences of intimacy, and make the whole process much more enjoyable.

When most people first consider the possibility that feelings of dissatisfaction are only a guide to higher consciousness and deeper love, their tightly held concept of self shows itself through an onslaught of fearful thought; and as long as those arguments are taken as truth, the person remains stuck in the pattern of wanting something, not getting it and then feeling dissatisfied.

But, for those who are ready to transcend this energy and experience a new and more expansive reality, consider this an invitation to make a daily habit of applying and inhaling a few drops of Sexxy Blend with the intent to prepare the mind for what is being shared below:

True satisfaction comes from knowing that you are always in the perfect place, at the perfect time and with the perfect person. Wherever you are is a staging area for where you are going next, and the way you participate in the play determines the movement of your life experience.

So how do you participate more deliberately? Pay attention to what you think is needed from a particular person or people, and inquire within yourself. In this case, if you want more intimacy, focus your awareness with the intent to discover how you are resisting intimacy.