Essential Oil for Stress Relief - Cananga Essential Oil

Cananga Essential OilThe mild, yet magical, aroma of Cananga Essential Oil comes from the Cananga flower, frequently confused for its well-known twin, Ylang Ylang. Indeed, the mistake is understandable, as these two essential oils come from different subspecies of the same tree. Both are from the species Cananga Odorata, but Ylang Ylang comes from the Genuina variety, while Cananga comes from the Macrophylla variety.


Imagine walking through an orchard of fragrant blooming trees – any artist or poet’s delight! As yellow flowers catch the breeze and spiral playfully to the ground like dancing stars, feelings of innocence and nostalgia envelope you. Suddenly, you notice a pair of mischievous twin children running ahead of you, inviting you to catch one or the other (and delighting in the fact that you struggle to tell them apart, because they love to play).

Cananga’s floral scent is joyful and sweet like Ylang Ylang, but its full bouquet includes green and woody aromas that make this essential oil a well-kept secret in the aromatherapy world. The aromatic balance of Cananga makes it wonderful for blending – a great addition to both women’s perfume and men’s cologne. Truly an androgynous sensual delicacy, it is also a perfect alternative for those who find the fragrance of Ylang Ylang to be too overpowering. The unique nuances of Cananga are easy to fall in love with, and once you become acquainted with its delicate aroma, you won’t likely fall prey to these “twins’” playful tricks again.


As an aromatherapy oil, Cananga is traditionally known to reduce nervous tension, anxiety, high blood pressure, and feelings of depression. Try a few drops in your essential oil diffuser when you are enjoying time alone, with family, or when company is over. Allow yourself to feel uplifted, open, and stress-free as Cananga blankets your space with comforting energy. (Did you notice a smile playing at the corners of your mouth, or has it bloomed into a full-fledged grin?)


Cananga Essential Oil is also widely appreciated as a key ingredient in quality bath and body products. When used for skin care, this natural oil can moisturize and even out the skin tone. This subspecies, in particular, is also one of the best essential oils for soothing insect bites. One of our favorite uses is for hair care — Cananga Essential Oil has been known to mend and moisturize damaged hair and help with split ends, boosting shine and promoting and overall healthy look. Try adding a few drops of Cananga and a few drops of Carrot Seed Essential Oils to your conditioner.

A known aphrodisiac that can encourage a balanced sex drive, Cananga may be able to gently increase libido and promote a sense of safety and innocence, allowing you to open up your heart to the present moment. For those experiencing PTSD symptoms, dry spells and frigidity can become common struggles. Cananga Essential Oil may help reintroduce youthful yet gentle playfulness to the bedroom, inviting you to slip into something a little more comfortable.

Once this Heart-centered space of authenticity, innocence, and peace has been established, worries and concerns fall away, allowing you to connect effortlessly with yourself and your partner. You may even feel safe enough to delve into new depths and desires, as you return to your Heart in an intoxicating and relaxing Cananga portal. If your perceptions of your reality are contributing to the illusion that you and your life are anything other than perfect, Cananga essential oil may be the perfect companion!

Conditioning Hair Mask

Apply a few drops of this lovely overnight hair mask. Shampoo in the morning to see the amazing results!

With towel dried hair, apply a few drops to your scalp and ends of your hair. This overnight conditioning hair mask can help with creating the ultimate shine and healthy scalp!

Apply before bed, and in the morning lather your scalp in shampoo. After your shower you will see the amazing results. Try using this once or twice a week and va voom, you’ll see your hair transform!

We invite you to embrace youthful, glowing energy — inside and out — with Cananga Essential Oil! Anoint your body, use as a stand-alone perfume, add to your skin care and hair care products, or inhale directly from the bottle any time you would like to return to peace.