Reach New Dimensions with Wisdom & Stillness Essential Oil Blend

The idea for the Miracle Botanicals’ Wisdom and Stillness Essential Oil Blend blossomed from, founder, Hope Johnson, during a meditation session. Hope was using each of the single essential oils in this blend, frankincense frereana, palo santo, and neroli, during her meditation. By combining their powerful benefits, Hope had an epiphany! Soon after sharing her newly discovered wisdom, friends were asking her, “What’s your secret?” Whether you’re doing some deep introspection or contemplating the meaning of life, our Wisdom and Stillness Blend will empower important attributes and help you achieve a trance, while you dive into the multitudes and layers of this dimension.

Palo santo, with a fresh minty-wood aroma, is considered a holy tree in South American cultures. Commonly burned for spiritual purposes, palo santo has the power to focus the mind and enhance concentration.

Frankincense Frereana smells of bark and spice. Used in religious ceremonies, the aroma of frankincense frereana causes breathing to become slower and deeper, easing the mind and clearing away self-doubt.

Neroli, with sweet, honey-citrus notes, is often used in rituals to invite radiance and joy. Neroli opens the heart, sparks creativity, and sharpens intuition.

Combined, these three divine oils will bestow you with magnified cognition and perception.

This blend can be used in a variety of ways, but we highly recommend Wisdom & Stillness for meditation, prayer, or setting intention because of its powerful ruminative and reflective properties.

The collaboration of Palo Santo, Neroli and Frankincense Essential Oils will lend a calming and warming effect to any space, creating a joyful and peaceful atmosphere, perfect for deep contemplation and creative pursuits. Use this blend in a diffusion during meditation, prayer and ritual practices, as well as yoga and art studios, to enhance the aura and produce manifestations.

This heavenly blend can be used as an anointing oil. Sanctifying objects used in prayer and meditation with the Wisdom and Stillness Blend will mark them as blessed and sacred, and will empower your devotions and deliberations. Anointing cherished friends and loved ones with this blend will impart the sage attributes of insight and tranquility, and will help guide them through moments of anxious thought and calm them when life sends them storms.

For those who search for natural alternatives to conventional deodorants or when you need to turn your bathroom into a home spa and treat yourself to a little extra self-care, this fragrance is a welcome addition to your oily apothecary.

Wisdom & Stillness is perfume-like, and can be used, diluted with carrier oil, as an underarm deodorant, body oil, or blended into a relaxing, hot bath.

See how you can incorporate this blend into your routine below.

Ritual Enhancing Diffusion

Use this diffusion to enhance the aura of studio and ritual spaces.

Add oil to diffuser and allow scent to permeate space.

Blessed Anointing Oil

Use this anointing oil to bless cherished people and sacred objects, imbuing them with insight and tranquility.

Mix oils gently in a glass bowl. Once incorporated, spread small amount over face as if washing.

Sea of Tranquility Bath Oil

Use this recipe when a little extra self care and relaxation is needed.

Add each oil directly to a hot bath. Enjoy!

Whether you are soul-searching or meditating to reach enlightenment, Miracle Botanicals’ Wisdom and Stillness Blend will help you ascend to a new dimension, bring about clarity, and unveil your true calling.