Relieve Infections Naturally with Oregano Essential Oil

An herbal staple in every kitchen, Oregano is a small, tasty, green flowering herb native to Eurasia and the Mediterranean. Bold and aromatic in flavor, most of us have come to know Oregano for the yumminess it offers to our favorite Greek and Italian dishes. Aside from being a potent friend in the kitchen, Oregano can also lend its power to our medicine cabinet in the form of an essential oil.

Oregano Essential Oil displays a thin, runny consistency with a slight golden color. Aromatically, it is spicy, peppery, and pungent. Throughout herbal and naturopathic medicine, Oregano Essential Oil is celebrated for its ability to remove toxicity from the body, which in turn eliminates the need for infection in its many forms. How can Oregano Essential Oil help in this matter? Let me count the ways!

* Note that Oregano Essential Oil is very strong and spicy! We recommend that you dilute it in any application. Do your own research and consult a healthcare professional if necessary to determine if topical or internal use is right for you.

Topical Infection

  • Wound Healing

In the case of flesh wounds, Oregano Essential Oil is perfect to have on hand for healing. Prevent bacterial infection, and purify any toxicity that threatens the path to recovery by using Oregano Essential Oil as an effective antiseptic.

  • Skin, Foot, and Nail Fungus

When the body is toxic, fungus seeks the opportunity to grow in those moist, dark places on our bodies which often include the armpit, intergluteal cleft, groin, inner thigh, toes and nails. If you experience itching, irritation or discoloration in any of these areas, it could be a sign of fungal overgrowth. Many people have found success using Oregano Essential Oil to keep these symptoms at bay while addressing the underlying imbalance. We also recommend that you consider any holistic, hygiene, and dietary practices that may relieve the need for the overgrowth of fungus.

Conditions include yeast infections, urinary tract infections, athletes foot, oral thrush, and more.

Internal Infection

  • Gut Healing

Not only does fungus have the potential to grow ON the body, but IN the body, too! In fact, there is a possibility that the two issues are related to the same underlying imbalance. Fungal overgrowth in the gut can manifest in symptoms such as fatigue, intestinal discomfort, leaky gut, bloating, gas, bloating, constipation or diarrhea. If you have determined that you are experiencing such an internal imbalance, Oregano Essential Oil offers a well recognized natural remedy.

  • Parasite Cleansing

So there is “nourishing” flora that lives in the gut as well as “purifying” flora. When there is an overgrowth of the “purifying” stuff, then there is also a surplus of food for intestinal parasites to thrive on. Scientific studies, along with general testimony, have shown that using Oregano Essential Oil may reduce and even eliminate intestinal parasites by addressing the underlying cause of bacterial imbalance in your tummy. (Source)

Cold & Flu

  • Antibacterial

When there is an overgrowth of purifying bacteria we may end up with a cold or the sniffles! Whether you want to cleanse your inner or outer environment, Oregano Essential Oil is the antibacterial friend you want to consult!

  • Antiviral

Not only is bacteria used by the body’s mind for cleansing the body of toxicity, but viruses are used in the same way. If you seem to be sick with the flu, or you just sense that your body’s terrain has become toxic, Oregano Essential Oil can be employed as an antiviral.

  • Expectorant

One of the worst things about sickness is getting your sinuses stopped up with boogers and phlegm! Oregano Essential Oil is an effective tool for clearing out the ear, nose, and throat passages, thus bringing more clarity to the breath and the head.

If you don’t already have Oregano Essential Oil in your collection, now might be the time to add it to your aromatherapy collection! If any of the aforementioned afflictions find their way into your life— and we hope they don’t— you do not want to be found wanting. Have this natural, oily remedy on hand and ready to serve you.