As the warm colors and cozy feelings of fall set into the twinkly stillness of winter, the time to celebrate and come together with family and friends can bring a sense of thanks and joy to the holiday season. To show your appreciation for your loved ones, you might consider the gift of Frankincense Essential Oil.

At this time of year, we honor not only those around us, but also ourselves. Presenting a gift to yourself is often times a way to express gratitude inwardly, but this inner bliss radiates to all aspects of our lives. Whether you have any Frankincense oil or not, its expressing that inner sense of gratitude that blesses you in all ways.

Of all essential oils Ive had the pleasure to know, Frankincense seems to be the most universally appreciated, as well as the most versatile.

In fact, I once left a bottle of Frankincense as a gift at a gathering and one of the hostesses ended up using it undiluted several times a day on a skin cancer growth on her face. This growth not only vanished, but an old scar from having a cancerous lesion removed in the same spot also disappeared.

When I left the Frankincense, I had no idea that she was previously researching Frankincenses effects on cancer and was looking for a good one to buy. Frankincense really seemed to work for this community member of mine and also for my husband when a cancerous-looking growth appeared on his head.

Note that I say, seemed to work, because I really dont believe that anything can cure another thing since the world is entirely imagined. Lol! No medical claims being made here.

Oh, the aroma!

Frankincense is also well known as a skin rejuvenator, reliever of anxiety and immunity booster. But the aromaoh the aroma! People seem to swoon over the aroma of Frankincense.

Like slipping into a warm bath, the scent of Frankincense envelops you in a clean, earthy blissful state that will linger throughout the day and bring you back to a sense of self and calm.

Each Frankincense variety we offer is unique and complex in its own right, with some having a sweet camphorous quality, while others are more spicy, woody and green.

While the aroma varies from one variety to another, they all seem to demonstrate that unique aspect of Frankincense that can instantly take you to church, so to speak. Or in other words, transport your mind to a state of gratitude.

The sense of gratitude associated with frankincense may be the reason it has been used in churches for thousands of years.

Why would anyone want their mind to be in a state of gratitude? Because all gratitude you give is instantly received by you. And if youre not giving yourself gratitude, youre giving yourself grief.

Frankincense essential oil can be used anytime to help release the attraction to guilt, judgment and grievances, and allow you to relax in gratitude instead.

About Our Frankincense

All of our Frankincense have a water-thin consistency, with the exception of the Papyrifera (which is slightly thicker and more resinous). These very thin oils come out of the bottle very quickly and evaporate quickly too. Because of its water-like consistency and astringent qualities, Frankincense is great for using in nebulizing diffusors (again, with the exception of Papyrifera, which is more resinous and a bit sticky).

*My favorite nebulizing diffusor can be found at Organic Aromas.

Frankincense can be used undiluted on any area of concern (except eyes and genitals of course), or it can be diluted to 2% for skincare regimens. Its great for diffusing and for dabbing directly on the temples, under the nose, or dousing your skin with it (Thats how my husband and I love it!).

Frankincense is also known as one of the safest oils, good for children, elderly and gentle on the skin, again with the exception of Papyrifera, which can be slightly irritating when used on the underarms or other sensitive skin.

At this point, we have nine (9) different varieties of Frankincense, which may be purchased individually or in sets. We also offer many blends with Frankincense in them.

Miracle Botanicals is the only source of essential oils I know of with such a wide range of Frankincense essential oil, all of which demonstrate the level of quality that our customers have come to love and appreciate.

With big loves, blessings and gratitude!