The Wonders of Galbanum Essential Oil

Found in the arid climates of the northern mountains in Iran, Ferula gumossa grows abundantly. Galbanum oil is steam distilled from a naturally occurring resin in Ferula.

Although it may seem unreal with what is going on in the world right now, we wanted to shed light on an oil that can ease the stress of these times while also meeting every day needs!

Galbanum oil has been used for centuries dating back to ancient Egypt and Biblical times. They would mix Galbanum oil with Frankincense oil for incense to increase spiritual awareness. Galbanum is high in monoterpenes giving it balancing and detoxifying properties. Spiritually this can help reprogram our mind and bring us more into the present, helping us heal from past trauma and relieving stress.

Galbanum oil is shown to have many useful properties across the board including cell regeneration, respiratory clearing, balancing hormones, stress relief, cosmetics and even housecleaning.

Application: This oil can be applied neat or diluted in one of our lovely carrier oils for topical application. A few drops can be added into your diffuser, or inhale directly.

Galbanum oil has a refreshing grassy, green pepper aroma. Adding a few drops to a cup of water occasionally adds a refreshing flavor while also giving a relaxing effect to your muscles. It can also help with spasms, digestion problems, intestinal gas and increase your appetite. This oil is a great addition to your spice cabinet and can also be added to your favorite dishes for flavoring.

The properties in galbanum oil are especially essential for cosmetics. Galbanum has been used in beauty products for centuries, dating back to Roman and Greek civilizations. Then and even today, galbanum oil is used in perfumes, balms, bathwater and incense. This oil has been used for eliminating wrinkles and giving your skin the youthful refreshment we all sometimes need.

Not only does galbanum have beneficial properties for restoring skin cells, but also can help keep insects away and be used as a household cleaner.

For more details on benefits and recipes you can visit our Galbanum Oil listing.

  • Increasing production of new skin cells
  • Improving respiratory issues such as coughing and colds
  • Relief from depression and stress