Try a Little Tenderness: Gentle Essential Oil Blend

Many people rely on essential oils for healing— mind, body, and spirit. In doing so, we tend to seek out the strong support of essential oils to help remedy our ailments. And rightfully so, as we seem to live in a world where external forces are acting upon us, and essential oils are well recognized as an effective way to combat those forces.

But what if, instead of or in addition to using essential oils to combat what seems to be causing our dis-ease, we tried a little tenderness?

What if we subverted the ongoing commotion of mental noise about things that “need to be healed” by tending to the subtle body. “Now, what is the subtle body,” you might wonder?

The subtle body is a collection of energetic layers that our mind uses to give form and substance to our physical bodies, personal thoughts, and the world around us. It is our more sensitive and imperceptible frequencies, and what we call chakras, auric fields, and realms that exist beyond our physicality.

And because these layers are so subtle yet powerful, if we are not taking the time to reduce noise, find stillness, and offer a willingness to see through appearances, our energy body becomes cluttered, which causes us to lose touch with our inherent sense of happiness, well being, and vitality.

Thankfully, for us aromatherapy enthusiasts, essential oils are good for that, too!

Tune into the tenderness of the subtle body with one of our favorite alchemizations— Gentle Essential Oil Blend from Miracle Botanicals is an artfully crafted blend that is accessible to all ages and sensitivities, love-infused with an aroma that is sweet and earthy with a hint of citrus.

This blend was originally created with the intent to use for babies and children as they are often more sensitive, not only to essential oils, but to physical, emotional, and energetic imbalances as well. (Our full listing includes detailed instructions on how to use Gentle Essential Oil blend for children and babies.)

But are we not beautiful babes that deserve a dose of gentleness as well?

We invite you to regularly take moments in your life to give yourself the opportunity to slow down and tune in. This simple joy, often overlooked, can be discovered through mindfulness, meditation, movement, music, art, play, or any personal modality that speaks to you. Pair your practice with Gentle Essential Oil Blend as a way to encourage the sense of the subtleties that surround you.

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