Enchant New Friends with Neroli Hydrosol!

Miracle Botanicals’ Neroli Hydrosol is a water-based product made from the distillation of Moroccan orange blossoms. Regardless of how you use it, the Miracle Botanicals’ Neroli Hydrosol makes an enchanting addition to your aromatic apothecary.

Neroli is named after Marie Anne de La Trémoille, Princess of Nerola, who popularized the fragrance by using neroli to perfume her gloves and baths. Since then, the essence has been described as "neroli."

It is said Cleopatra soaked the sails of her ships in neroli to herald her arrival and delight the citizens of Rome; the winds would carry the scent of neroli to the city before her ships arrived at port. Neroli has a long history with royals the world over, perhaps because of its enchanting spiritual uses

The scent of neroli is described as powerful and refreshing. Uplifting, fruity, and bright citrus notes are rounded out with natural and sweet floral aromas. The fragrance of neroli is highly therapeutic and such benefits include: calming the nervous system, naturally improving the mood, summoning feelings of joy and relaxation, improving sleep quality, stimulating creativity, and other sage attributes such as wisdom and intuition. 

Citrus trees, which neroli comes from, radiate a frequency of abundance, providing a stable foundation for manifestation of divine will and greater good. With this higher frequency, neroli helps us connect with the spiritual realms and receive divine inspiration. 

Often used to ease feelings of loneliness, neroli not only helps us feel connected to the divine, but will help bridge the state of disconnection to ourselves and others. This beguiling scent enhances intimacy and not only with romantic partners! Neroli fosters openness to meeting new people on a deeper level, especially for those who struggle with small talk or being too introverted. Neroli is a powerful ally when making new friends, going on a date, or networking to find creative partners, allowing you to move past formal procedures, to be vulnerable and convey what is actually meaningful.


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