Essential Oils for Dry Skin

Skin irritations and dry skin can be unbearable at times. Did you know that there are two excellent Essential Oils that can help relieve dry skin irritations?

What are these miraculous essential oils that can help you with dry skin?  

Manuka Essential Oil For Dry Skin

Manuka Essential Oil is also known as New Zealand Tea Tree Essential Oil. It is a rare and exotic essential oil, wildcrafted from plants in the East Cape region of New Zealand's North Island. 

This Essential Oil for Dry Skin is Excellent For:

Athlete's foot, toenail fungus, and other fungal infections... Manuka Essential Oil contains antifungal compounds that help break down the cell walls of various funguses. As a result, Manuka Essential Oil is often applied topically to treat any type of fungal infections. 

Reduces infections and improves wound healing... Scientists have found Manuka oil to be one of the most effective essential oils in reducing the growth of bacteria. Because of these powerful antibacterial properties, Manuka Essential Oil is used as an effective way of reducing infections and helping wounds heal more quickly. 

Skincare... Because of its powerful antimicrobial and antifungal compounds, Manuka Essential Oil is used for a number of skin conditions. In particular, it has been known to reduce or eliminate acne, minimize scars, and treat skin infections such as ringworm. 

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Lavender Organic Essential Oil For Dry Skin

This Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil is grown in the famous Kazanlak Valley of Roses, where Bulgarian Rose is also grown. The Kazanlak Valley is known to produce the finest essential oils in the world, due to its unique climate and soil conditions. 

This is the sweetest of any Lavender Essential Oil we have ever tested. Bulgarian Lavender essential oil is cultivated and harvested by well-known experts of lavender and its oil production. 

This Essential Oil for Dry Skin is Excellent For:

Accelerating the healing of burns... Lavender contains high amounts of compounds that reduce pain and inflammation. In addition, it contains other compounds that have strong antimicrobial properties. As a result, Lavender Essential Oil is used to help burns heal more quickly and minimizes scar formation. 

Reducing anxiety...
 Linalool and linalyl acetate, two of the main active ingredients found in Lavender Essential Oil, have been cited for their ability to reduce anxiety by exerting relaxing effects and by preventing the binding of anxiety-producing chemicals in the brain. 

Alleviating insomnia... Since Lavender Essential Oil is commonly used for reducing nervousness and anxiety, as well as alleviating insomnia that is caused by overwrought, stressful emotional concerns. 

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