Essential Oil for Stress Relief - Cananga Essential Oil

Cananga Essential Oil - Essential Oil for Stress

The magical aroma of Cananga Essential Oil comes from the Cananga flower, frequently confused for its well-known twin, Ylang Ylang which comes from different subspecies of the same tree. While Ylang Ylang is derived from the Genuina variety of the Cananga Odorata, Cananga Essential Oil comes from the Macrophylla variety.


Cananga Essential Oil for Mood & Stress Relief

Cananga is traditionally known in aromatherapy to relieve nervous tension, anxiety, and feelings of depression. It may even help to lower high blood pressure. A few drops of Cananga oil in your aromatherapy diffuser, whether you're relaxing alone or enjoying time with family may help you feel more open, and at peace as it blankets your space with comforting energy....


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