What's the Difference Between Lavender and Lavandin

What's the difference between Lavender and Lavandin, and how are they the same? I wanted to know, so I made this comparison...

How Lavandin Differs from Lavender... 

  • Less gentle and less versatile than Lavender, likely due to higher concentration 1,8 Cineole, which is thought to counteract the effects of the calming and sedating linalool and linalyl acetate.
  • More energizing and less sedative for the same reason stated above. Yet, while it doesn't have sedative properties, Lavandin is also a nervine, which means it supports healthy sleep.
  • Not suitable for burns. You may have heard that True Lavender is the best essential oil for burns. (I like to use it in conjunction with Helichrysum Italicum). Lavandin is thought to exacerbate irritation when applied to burned skin and generally worsen burn symptoms.
  • More suitable for congestion, focus, and concentration. The higher concentration of Camphor and 1,8 Cineole, makes Lavandin the better choice as a decongestant. It's suitable to help remove congestion from the sinuses, lungs, lymph, and mind. The same chemicals are helpful to promote focus and concentration.
  • Lavandin smells sweeter and less medicinal than Lavender. That's why it's commonly known as "French Perfume", and that's why it's more appealing to consumers. I've seen some information online that flips these around, saying that Lavender is sweeter than Lavandin. I think these authors received misinformation and were using it to fill blog space. I can say from experience over time and from sampling the 5 different lavender essential oils and 2 Lavandin essential oils that I have in stock that Lavandin is sweeter aromatically than Lavender.

How Lavandin is similar to Lavender:

  • Perfumery & Cosmetics. Both essential oils are useful in perfumery and cosmetics, with Lavandin being more common in perfumery due to the lower price...although it's usually called Lavender.
  • Anti-inflammatory. Both Lavender and Lavandin have anti-inflammatory properties, and they're both useful as a remedy for muscle aches, headaches, and physical tension.
  • Nervine. Both essential oils are helpful for soothing the nerves and helping us to feel more centered. Using either essential oil is wonderful to counteract anxiety, to help relax the brain, and for restful sleep
  • Anxiety and Sleep. Lavandin has been examined scientifically over the years in relation to pre-operative anxiety in sleep studies. While Lavandin is more energizing than Lavander, when anxiety is reduced, it naturally results in more restful sleep
  • Beauty and Skincare. Lavandin has been used since shortly after it was introduced in the 1920's in beauty, skincare, and home products. Lavender has a history in beauty and skincare that spans thousands of years.
  • Cooling Members of the Lamiaceae Family. Remember last week when I talked about mints and how all members of the Lamiaceae family are considered cooling? Well, Lavandin and Lavender happen to be members of the Lamiaceae family, so they are equally useful in the summer months or whenever you need to cool down.

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