A Quick Look at Niaouli Essential Oil

When we think of the Melaleuca plant genus, oily favorites like Tea Tree or Eucalyptus Essential Oil come to mind, but there is another species of plant medicine, often overlook, that deserves some much overdue attention. Introducing, Niaouli Essential Oil

The Niaouli tree (Melaleuca Quinquenervia) is a sweet, uplifting, and camphorous smelling plant. It is oftentimes mistaken for its more commonly known cousin, Eucalyptus. In the native lands of the South Pacific and Australia, Aborigines have long been integrating this healing plant in their daily routines to treat everything from skin abrasions to bronchial blockages.

In New Caledonia and Madagascar, the leaves are ground and applied as a poultice for harvest season workers on coffee plantations when their hands start to show wear and tear during picking season. Its calming, soothing effects work to pacify aches and pains as well as expedite the healing of the skin.

This swamp-loving tree, also referred to as the ‘Skin’, ‘Paperbark’, or ‘Punk Tree’ can grow to live over 100 years and can withstand bushfires, droughts, and floods!

When feelings of sickness or general malaise start to arise, we find that diffusing Niaouli Essential Oil in your space can help to cleanse the air and open up airways, leading to a greater sense of health and general wellness.

Gargling with a drop of Niaouli Essential Oil in your mouth rinse or adding a drop to your toothpaste can also add a boost to your oral hygiene regimen due to its established antibacterial properties.

Now that we know more about the origin and uses of Niaouli Essential Oil, let’s dive into some of our favorite therapeutic recipes…

DISCLAIMER: Applying Niaouli Essential Oil in its pure, undiluted form directly on the skin can cause adverse effects and should be properly diluted before topical use.

Miracle Wound Wash

From time to time we may encounter mishaps in the kitchen or on the playground that lead to small owies. If you or a loved one endure a minor cut or scrape in need of some TLC, try this oily ointment.
Blend all ingredients in a spray bottle. Wash wound thoroughly with gentle soap and water. Spritz wound with Wound Wash. Follow up my moisturizing with your favorite carrier oil to reduce scarring.

Wellbeing Diffusion

If you feel something icky coming on, clear the air and promote a refreshing sense of wellbeing with this diffusion.
Blend oils and add to a diffuser.

Sparkling Mouth Rinse

Get ready to feel fresh and improve your oral health with this simple recipe.

Mix all of the ingredients in a shot glass. Gargle, rinse, repeat!

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