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Smells grassy and earthy due to the galbanum. It’s a great blend, and well worth the cost.

Cannabis Sativa Essential Oil (Cannabis Sativa)
Beau Williams (Myrtle Beach, US)
All purpose

All the healing properties of cannabis without the high. Better than CBD. Smell is not half bad. Very grassy and a little skunky but not incriminating. The smell tends to fade when worn topically but the soothing properties linger on. I would recommend this to anyone with chronic pain. Add this to oil and massage in tissues to melt away tension. It is worth every penny. A drop or two is all you need to get relief. Blends well with other oils too. Highly recommended!

Early X-mas Gift

A well received early Christmas gift. Scent is phenomenal like all the others I have tried so far. Smells just like a Christmas tree. A must if you have an artificial tree. No complaints!

My Favorite

Definitely my favorite blend that I have tried from Miracle Botanicals. The scent is so spectacular. Feels like being hugged on the inside out by a loving, eternally forgiving angel. Facilitates deep healing from forgiveness of self and others. It feels too precious for daily use, reserved for prayer and meditation. This is one you want to set intentions with. But I find myself sniffing the bottle from time to time to feel it's embrace :-D


This formula has a strong aroma that I find rather intoxicating. It is a potent medicine. A couple drops applied to soles of feet before bed has helped me fall asleep quickly and enjoy deep, rejuvenating sleep the past couple of nights. I also noticed that I had less stiffness in my joints and muscles when I got out of bed. Wonderful and I would highly recommend for anyone with sleep issues, stress or pain. Worth every penny!


All the goodness of palo santo concentrated in a bottle. Creates a heavenly atmosphere when used in a diffuser. You can't go wrong!


This is an unforgettable scent. It's a bit different from other frankincense I've used. It has a very clean woody scent with a slight sweetness and crisp finish. Smells lovely in a diffuser or blended with oil for topical application. Uplifting to the spirit and boosts my mood.

The best most effective product

I’ve tried many lemon oil, and all of the miracle botanical oils have worked the best. I have been to dermatologist and had two years of unknown dermatitis on both of my legs. After two weeks of using lemon, all mixed with coconut oil and Shea butter the dermatitis disappeared. . After using their Lemon I was sold. I don’t know if it would work for everybody, but it works for me and almost any type of skin situation that arises.

Simply Heaven

This is a must oil in my collection. It instantly grounds me and makes me feel connected to the present. If you are looking for a calming, and stimulating oil, this is the one.

Good product

I read that melissa essential oil can help get rid of cold sores, so I got this for a friend who gets them frequently. Time will tell if it works, as she's only had one outbreak since she got the oil. But it did seem to clear that outbreak up quickly. It's obviously high quality oil.

Mugwort Essential Oil (Artemisia Vulgaris)
Meredith Peyton (Portland, US)
a well rounded distillation

highly aromatic and nuanced- spicy and dreamy!

Very good essential oil

I like the smell of this essential oil. Spray it on the bed or drawer to prevent mites.

This cinnamon rules!

Best cinnamon oil ever. Ran through our bottle within one week. Will be ordering more soon. Very strong but subtle. We are using it for diffusing and have created the perfect “bug”deterrent spray with this cinnamon as the main ingredient. The ants and cockroaches of Hawaii officially steer clear of this oil. Hooray. I haven’t found any cinnamon oil on the market that even comes close to topping this one. I love it and highly recommend it.

Very nice castor oil

So I come to miracle botanicals for my oils whether it's essential or carrier oils because I know I'm getting the best, all natural oils. I really like this castor oil and I will keep buying it.

Very soothing

I really like the neroli hydrosol. Its very soothing and relaxing. And smooths my skin out. I think im going to by the oil. The scent doesn't last long enough with the hydrosol for me. Another thing I like is that is super light on my skin. I look fresh once it soaks in.


This oil works amazingly well at reducing the bags under my eyes!

Wound Healing

Mix with lavender and this oil goes to town!

Mixes Well

I use this as a carrier oil to help absorb other oils that I use to relieve inflammation. Works well.


My daughter and niece say I smell like Fruit Loops when I’ve dabbed a little on my skin. I love the fruity scent while I enjoy how this helps me sleep at night. It’s also safe to use in the diffuser around my dog. Helps with his separation anxiety.

A Necessity

I order the 30 ml bottle, because of how effective this oil is at combatting viral and bacterial infections. It also helps with cold sores. Can’t get enough of oregano.


When I need a lift, I put this oil in my diffuser or inhale straight from the bottle. Instantly uplifting!


The depth of the scent of this oil fills my home with peace. I can’t say enough about this oil, which has Biblical roots.

Awesome Scent, Great for Pain

I love the woodsy scent of this oil that also helps with back pain. Miracle Botanicals has some of the best quality oils on the market!