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very satisfied

Oil of well being

Diffusing this oil and dabbing it around my temples did wonders for helping me feel better from the migraine I had a few days ago. It truly got rid of my nausea. I couldn’t speak more highly of this oil!

It's working!!

I use this Hair tonic as an after shower application. The aroma is superb! In just over 11 days of daily use, my hair is healthier and I can definitely see more thickening hair and increasing growth in my frontal hairline which was difficult to achieve for years! My scalp has improved too!! Also, I can actually feel the tonic working on your scalp. Use as directed and I highly recommend. Thank you Hope :)


Excellent for skin and toothaches. Love it! Kudos to you Hope :)

Love Miracle Botanicals

Been using Miracle Botanicals for over 10 years. Love them! Do miss your coupons though.

Abundance Essential Oil Blend
Rachel Rainbow (Los Angeles, US)
Abundance Amazing

Abundance oil is absolute amazing like royalty ina bottle. I have been diffusing it every night for almost 3 weeks! Our family loves it. The combination of these oils is a rich but stealth sweet uplifting and calming yummy scent and feel, perfect to balance all the energies. A new fave blend for sure. I want to drink it up. Lol. Must try.

Love the Frankincense

This frankincense Sacra is my favorite of all oils. It is wonderful and I also use it on my feet with a carrier oil. As well as on my face.

A great value

As someone who has collected rare Agarood oil for 7 years I find their Oud to be a good value and the sandalwood is one of my favorite.
The Attar does not have any pronounced oud qualities in my perception, but all and all a great trio

Fresh, fragrant allspice

This is cleaner, fresher, and so much better tasting that the allspice berries I have in my pantry. It tingles on my tongue like clove and tastes like clove but sweeter and more pleasing. A must for fall and winter recipes, and great anytime in the diffuser. I like diffusing allspice, fir, and orange together.

A delightful oil.

My first time to use Tradewinds and I like it very much. I have to be careful due to allergy response to many products, so I used this oil as aromatherapy for my room instead of on my skin. It is quite lovely!

Silky Frankincense

Amazing product, it feels like silk on the skin. Frankincense has become my favorite oil since I discovered its quality of purification. I use it every day now. It helps relieve the pain of arthritis in my hands and the pain in my hips. Thank you Miracle Botanicals, I am so happy I found you!

Makes my flyaway hair stay put.

I live in a very humid climate. This tonic helps me control the puffiness and flyaways. In addition, I love the smell and my soft hair after using.

My favorite!!!

The best patchouli I’ve found!! Have been ordering for years! I get so many compliments!


I love this scent. It truly s.ells like a peaceful yet enchanting forest.

Love this, superior compared to many others on the market.

I’m very pleased with this product and love the method of CO2 extraction , I only hope the quality and purity doesn’t become a diluted lie like other companies selling “Rosehip” oils. Also…awesome customer service.

One of my favorite scents in the world.!! Thank you also for your amazing customer service.

Very unique and antiseptic smelling in a good way. Almost like new leather and orange peel and 12 other things. And I’m not sure how, but their products always show up on time or usually almost always a couple days early.!

Petigrain ultimate fave

Petitgrain from miracle bot is my fave essential oil ever. I smell it about 24 times a day and diffuse it everyday. It’s probably the most amazing thing in my life. It is so uplifting and yummy. My mood improves immediately and my heart is content. It’s a must.

Love this neroli!

Really wonderful neroli dilute. Smells so good, makes me happy every time I use it!

Lots of Frank!!

I was looking for every variety of frankincense for a frankincense blend that I’ll be using in my body oil. I was really impressed with how different the scents were depending on what region that they were from. Love them all!

Rare and very special to me. I’m glad I found it here.!

Always the best products from these guys! And seriously the best customer service..!

Peppermint Essential Oil - USA (Mentha Piperita)
Rachel Rainbow (Los Angeles, US)
Best peppermint oil around

Our family home adores MB organic peppermint oil...we use it every day all day with lemongrass and water to keep pests away from our cabin. We also receive the best aromatherapy from it while utilizing it all around our home. It’s the only peppermint essential oil I will buy. We buy a big size which is affordable and quality. I’m going to buy some more soon, I run through it cause we love it so much. I highly recommend this essential oil staple. So many uses.

I almost don't want to write a review for Frankincense Sacra as I'm afraid it will be out of stock. It's my favorite Frankincense of all and it blends well with others! I use it alot in my massage ;^)

Best face oil ever

I have tried many facial oils and this one is by far my favorite. It has all the best base oils and essential oils and absorbs so well. Absolutely no filler stuff. This oil is chocked full of the goods. I can see the changes in my skin in the weeks I have been using it. An extra bonus it smells great and the customer service at Miracle Botanicals is unmatched. So happy to find this company and this product!