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That is wonderful real juniper wood oil, I'm just happy! Tried few from other suppliers, none had clear woody smell. There was always mixture of juniper berries odor or pine.
This oil is a find! Thank you!

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Guaiacwood Essential Oil (Bulnesia Sarmienti)
michelle popp (Kailua-Kona, US)
Miracle Oil for the skin!

Amazing Oil.
I received my order with the Guaiacwood today,
I have had some skin issues on my face and after showering on clean skin I applied the oil directly on the affected area and literally watched the inflammation and redness disappear!
Love Love Love it,
Thank you sooooo much for your beautiful high frequency / Quality products
In Gratitude

Sandalwood Blend, just brilliant

In the universe, sandalwood is one of my favorite scents from nature!

Great !

I feel to have this permeate during the Holidays was so warming and comforting

Frankincense Trifecta Sampler

I love this sample set! The Papyrifera is my favorite, very sweet, and citrus-like. The Rivae and Neglecta remind me of Opopanax and Oud mixed together.

Clary sage

It was wonderful. I expected nothing less. Thank you Miracle Botanicals!


This blend is truly clarifying-- I can feel it opening things up, invigorating, and uplifting my senses. The scent is really beautiful to me, and very refreshing. I have been using it with a diffuser at home, and I love the experience. Looking at the ingredients, I am delightfully mystified with what a unique, scent-alchemy these oils create together-- it's really wonderful! Thank you so much!

Perfect for our needs

I prefer a long lasting oil scent and this is it! We use it to aid in sleep and to help avoid anxiety that interferes with quality sleep.

I can't live without this oil

I grew up around piñon trees. Don't get me wrong I love the pine trees, and the juniper but there is some about the piñon. I'm so glad MB has this oil now. It's my favorite oil on my shelf. If you like pine or juniper you will like this oil too

Tis the season

Great scent for my diffuser. Love it!

Essential Oil for sinus colds

I bought these oils for Christmas, so they are now under the tree. Eucalyptus is essential to sprinkle several drops near the collar line of bed wear to make it easier to breath at night when you have a cold. Miracle Botanicals has a good selection and the information I need to select the best variety of Eucalyptus for my need.

Rose Geranium Essential Oil - Organic (Pelargonium Roseum x Asperum)

Uplifting aroma

Bulgarian rose hydrosol is part of my morning ritual. As a caretaker it helps me start my day off. Everyone always asks what the wonderful smell is in our home. I highly reccomend this product.

fresh and wonderful

I have used Red Mandarin for years in my face cream. Saw the Green and was intrigued, did a little research and decided to try in my mouthwash. Wonderful! Much less happening when I floss, since using this! Will be part of my dental hygiene from now on, plus smells really good!

really strong but really effective!

As a woman of a certain age with hormonal sleep issues... I was desperate. On the FIRST night that I used this, I slept better. Now, I have found that the smell is too strong for me to use on a diffuser stone, it bothered me but it significantly disturbed my guy, so now, I take ten deep breaths from the bottle before I get in bed and - excellent sleep. I forgot the other night - restless. I'm convinced, hooked and 100% believe in this!

Aloha Victoria! You might also try a drop on the bottom of your feet. I'm so glad it's working out for you. ~ Hope

Bay Rum Essential Oil (Pimenta Racemosa)
Kathy Booth (San Francisco, US)
Great Scent

This oil is the real deal! From Jamaica. A little goes a long way. Thanks for a great product.

Smells true to cardamom

Thanks for selling this good product.

Uluhe hydrosol

This medicine is so powerfully subtle. The aroma is faint if at all but the feelings it envokes of femininity, creativity, flow. Ferns hold the ancient knowledge, I love putting this on when I’m needing a boost of confidence or remember my power. Also when my skin needs some hydration. 😆 all around nourishing and full of knowledge and strength. Love this 10/10 would recommend 💛

Not just for face

I love this oil. I use it straight as well as mixed with my face cream and body lotion. It soaks in well. I like that its scent is so subtle. The quality of Miracle Botanicals’ essential are unsurpassed and their descriptions are clear and informative

Favorite Peppermint

I only buy oils from Miracle Botanicals because of the love Hope and the team but into them compared to large corporate companies (where I used to get them). I rarely use peppermint oil but it’s wonderful to have on hand. Compared to the mass produced peppermint oil, MB peppermint has a distinct difference in taste & smell - and I attribute it to the care & love that MB choose, store & resell their products. This isn’t just a business for them, they sell what they personally use. I’ll keep coming back!

Cannabis Sativa Essential Oil (Cannabis Sativa)
CraigHvyDia22 DuBuc (Las Vegas, US)
A drop a day

I take a drop a day of Cannabis Sativa essential oil. Put a drop in your afternoon IPA. The protective properties of this THC free oil can't be beat.

KOA Rocks!

KOA is very uplifting. I use it in the morning while drinking my coffee.


I am a student of Ayurvedic Aromatherapy, and miracle botanicals, checks all the boxes for quality EO. Wormwood is in the family Asteraceae with other oils like Davana and Tarragon. I am finding use of wormwood for treating an enlarged liver and help out my gallbladder.

Catnip Essential Oil (Nepeta Cataria)
Julie Marino (New York, US)
Effective pest repellent

I'm a city dweller. I was looking for natural repellents for cockroaches and I read in several places that catnip oil was very effective. I wanted something I could feel comfortable using around the edges of my kitchen counters. This really does the job. No method is 100% but when used in combination with other methods, the catnip oil is great.

Lavender (Fine French - High Altitude) Essential Oil (Lavandula Angustifolia)