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Sandalwood Hawaii

I am very happy with this lovely oil. It is smooth and yummy and makes me feel relaxed and centered.
So glad I got it.

Refreshing Drink

I purchased this oil specifically to use in my water for a delicious refreshing drink. Just a few drops is all it takes.
This oil has a lovely, sunny aroma in the diffuser as well..

Cypress (Weeping) (Cupressus Funebris)
Joshua Baldauf (Quincy, US)
Just right👌

This has been super useful for blending in to a room scent. Would reccomend!


Diffusing this and meditating is almost forest bathing. Love it!


My mother loved this as a gift. She had read about the Chinese berry, but knew it by another name. Anyhow, this is great!

Lots of uses

This not only smells great, but is fantastic for your skin. Enjoying mine for sure!

Just beautiful

I love both of the oils on thier own, and was blown away by the synergy. Good stuff!


Probably the best Dark Pat on the market. Will absolutely be re upping to a larger size next time 😅

Welcoming scent

First time smelling this and I'm blown away. It also helps with my social anxiety with all that linalool. Will be ordering again.

Super useful

One of the best smelling fixatives for wearable scents. So versatile with who it will pair well with it.


Love that this one is loaded with pinenes and has a slightly perfume like quality underneath the menthol. What a great plant and oil!


Really digging the scent on this one. Like velvety woodlands.

Cosmetics time

Been using mine mixed with witch hazel as a facial toner, and it works great! Would reccomend the galbanum Co2!

Co distillation ftw!

Now this is just perfection, almost like a marriage between the two Franks.


Great balance, no one Frank overpowers the others in the blend. Good stuff!


This one has been a great aide in my mother's care, she can't tolerate cannabis oil, and already loves Carterii. This was a no brainer.


Feels magical, even spiritual. This one helps with meditation imo.

G'day mate!

I feel like a little koala when I smell this. Wierd, I know... This is very potent and super helpful for congestion.


A little delicate, but oh so rich and ****. Feel like royalty wearing it.


Can't get enough of this combined with Kashmir lavender. This variation leans towards Roman Cham.

Good stuff

I love how this is so fruity, but dry? And then there is the fruit profile. This one is a powerhouse for relaxing and sleeping well.


These are both beautiful in thier own right, but amazing how different they are at the same time. Beautiful paradox.


This is so fun to blend with, likes palling around Palo Santo here 😅

Pretty rad

Definitely food grade, makes me salivate just smelling it. Imagine butter and make it concentrated and richer.


Free rewards/gifts are always nice, and when that gift is a great new first experience? Perfection. Go to for sleepy time.