Abundance Essential Oil Blend - Miracle Botanicals Essential Oils
Abundance Essential Oil Blend - Miracle Botanicals Essential Oils
Abundance Essential Oil Blend - Miracle Botanicals Essential Oils

Abundance Essential Oil Blend


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  • Synergistic Blend of the Following Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils: Cedarwood Atlas, Green Mandarin, Co2 Vanilla, Cypress, Hinoki, Magnolia Flower, and Palo Santo.
  • Aroma: Sweet and Woody, with notes of root beer, caramel, and a tiny sparkle of mouth-watering citrus.
  • Made in Hawai'i!

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This blend was lovingly channeled by Hope Johnson to remind us that nothing exists outside our limitless mind, and that having Enough is a choice.


It might sound crazy to some, but when we feel restricted, we actually have a choice - we can either believe that we are actually restricted, or we can use the feeling as a means for discovering our inherent freedom.


Essential oils can help us in these moments of tension by providing us with the space to choose - because inhaling the aroma of essential oils interrupts patterned thinking. That silent space, however tiny it may be, coupled with a tiny bit of willingness to see past deception, heals our mind of limiting self belief.


When we're willing to see like this, the feeling of relief is instantaneous, and the more we appreciate those moments of relief, the more we are able to deny momentum to meaningless thoughts.


A plant's consciousness is contained within its essential oil, and plants don’t have ideas of scarcity. So plants can communicate their awareness of limitlessness to our mind when we are open to it.

This is a synergistic blend channeled by Hope Johnson to help us recognize when we are secretly justifying a scarcity mindset and thus causing illusions of scarcity and lack for ourselves. 


Together, the oils in this blend stimulate the olfactory system with aromatic notes that encourage the shedding away of long-held beliefs that are responsible for projections of scarcity and lack. 


Inhaling this essential oil will bring you back, if you're willing to be brought back, from your interpretation of who you are and what the world means to you.


It will also help you learn to recognize and listen to your inner guide, who will give you the interpretation that's worthy of you.


Your willingness to see clearly (despite what you think you see and feel), coupled with this blend's aromatic chemicals stimulating your olfactory system, is the kind of mental training that turns ordinary people into spiritual masters. 


The goal here is to teach your mind that when you thought of yourself as being capable of lacking anything, you were mistaken.


Within the space of not knowing what's true, the truth can be revealed.


If you would like to learn more about the wisdom shared through our founder, Hope Johnson, you can visit her website Here

Use this essential oil as you would any essential oil, but keep in mind the reason you are using this oil. See the description and benefit tab on this listing for more details. (See our guide in How To Use Essential Oils)

Customer Reviews

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Rachel Rainbow (Los Angeles, US)
Abundance Amazing

Abundance oil is absolute amazing like royalty ina bottle. I have been diffusing it every night for almost 3 weeks! Our family loves it. The combination of these oils is a rich but stealth sweet uplifting and calming yummy scent and feel, perfect to balance all the energies. A new fave blend for sure. I want to drink it up. Lol. Must try.

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