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Digestive Flow Essential Oil & Carrier Oil Blend For Smooth Digestion & Elimination


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  • Cleansing and Powerful Blend Made for Internal Ingestion
  • Aids in the digestive process and regulates the body's natural flow!
  • Ingredients: Pure and Natural Oils of CO2 Cumin Essential Oil and Moringa Seed Carrier Oil
  • Made in Hawaii
  • Love Infused

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Our powerful Digestive Flow Blend of 2% Cumin oil in Moringa Seed oil aids in the digestive process and regulates the body's natural flow inside the gut and intestinal tract. Cumin is an amazing digestive aid that is often used for internal cleansing. Moringa seed oil is rich in Omega-9 fatty acids, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. This gives our blend an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant boost that pairs perfectly with the cleansing effect of Cumin. The earthy, nutty taste makes this an easy swallow!


Take ten drops by mouth twice daily for the best results.

Cumin oil: Not only does Cumin oil drive away intestinal gas, but it also prevents gas from forming. It also stimulates the digestive system to help keep things moving.


Moringa seed oil: As one of the most nutrient-rich oils in nature, moringa seed oil will enrich your body as it moves through you. It can improve conditions and decrease intestinal symptoms.

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