Freedom - 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend - Miracle Botanicals Essential Oils
Freedom - 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend - Miracle Botanicals Essential Oils
Freedom - 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend - Miracle Botanicals Essential Oils

Freedom Essential Oil Blend - 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend to Release Limited Beliefs


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  • Ingredients: CO2 Ginger, Frankincense Carterii and Frereana, Bulgarian Clary Sage, CO2 Vanilla, Bulgarian Rose Otto, CO2 Black Pepper, Cinnamon Bark, Cape Chamomile, Mountain Juniper Berry
  • Aroma: Spicy, Floral, Fruity, Warming, Comforting and Opening to the Senses
  • Also Available as a Body Oil

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Freedom Essential Oil Blend was inspired by a beautiful woman named Free, who asked Hope for a custom blend just for her. Hope could sense the joyful and happy spirit within this woman asking to be released from the mind's limited viewpoints. The combination of plant spirits that wanted to come together to join in this opening where intriguing to Hope and when the blend was ready, she know that she had something very special to offer her friend. The blend was spicy, floral, fruity, warming, comforting and opening to the senses. 

Interestingly, when Free came to pick up her blend, Hope could not find it. She looked not only in the place where she left it and she looked through all of her oils, but it seemed to have disappeared. Shortly after Free left, Hope saw the oil in the exact place where she remembered leaving it. From there, Hope was led to diffuse the oil herself, and the aroma immediately told her to call the blend Freedom and offer it to the world.


When Hope saw her friend Free again, she gave the remainder of the bottle to her as a gift. It's plain to see that Free has been released from many mental limitations since receiving the blend, and now Freedom Essential Oil blend is available to assist other beings in their own release.

NOTE: This blend contains "hot" oils. Applying neat to the skin may cause burning, redness, or irritation. Make sure to dilute the oil blend before applying topically.

CO2 Ginger
This oil invigorates, energizes, stimulates, strengthens, warms, and helps with memory loss. In addition, ginger's health benefits include assisting with nausea, indigestion, inflammations, respiratory issues, stomach issues, and menstrual disorders.

Frankincense Carterii 

Frankincense Carterii has long used in religious ceremony thanks to its ability to focus the mind and promote a calm and balanced emotional state. It is great for reducing anxiety and clearing feelings of distress or self-doubt. 

Frankincense Frereana 

Frankincense Frereana causes breathing to become slower and deeper, helping to focus the mind, clear negative emotions, and remove stress and feelings of self-doubt. 

Bulgarian Clary Sage

The beautiful aroma of Clary Sage Essential Oil is used by aromatherapists to relieve tension, remove stress, promote happiness and positivity, and act as a natural mood booster. 

CO2 Vanilla 

The familiar, comforting aroma of vanilla essential oil evokes pleasant memories, and is ideal for achieving comfort in moments of stress and uncertainty. 

Bulgarian Rose Otto 

Rose Otto instills feelings of love, compassion, and gratitude. It is uplifting, and removes feelings of sadness, anxiety, and depression. It's considered to be one of the key essential oils for balancing the heart chakra. 

CO2 Black Pepper 

Black Pepper is regarded in aromatherapy for stimulating everything from the salivary glands to the large intestine. Black Pepper Essential Oil also is used to increase the warmth of the body and mind. 

Cinnamon Bark 

Cinnamon Bark is regarded in aromatherapy for its ability to increase blood flow to the mind and the body, while uplifting the spirit and ridding one of anxiety and depression. Also, the oil is used to ease irritability, drowsiness, and increase libido. 

Cape Chamomile 

Chamomile Essential Oil is well known as one of the most powerfully calming oils in aromatherapy, next to Neroli and Melissa, and more powerfully calming than German Chamomile. It removes heat from the nerves and soothes the nervous system. 

Mountain Juniper Berry 

Known since ancient times to ward off evil spirits, Juniper Berry was one of the first aromatics used by ancient civilizations. The Ancient Greeks would use it to prevent and cure epidemics, and increase stamina. The berries would be given to their athletes during the Olympics. Native Americans would burn juniper berry essential oil in their cleansing ceremonies to cleanse and purify the air and spirit. 



This blend is designed to promote the healing release of one's limiting beliefs and perspectives, while cleansing away negativity and nurturing a feeling of expansion. Align with your innate limitlessness.

Emotional... Frankincense, Clary Sage, and Cape Chamomile can all be used to facilitate a calm and focused state of mind, while reducing anxiety and tension. Balance your emotional state. Relief from depression. Release stress and feelings of distress or self-doubt. Invite feelings of warmth, comfort, and positivity.


Physical... Bring warmth to the body. Sooth digestive issues. Balance hormones and increase physical vitality. Improved circulation.


Spiritual... Freedom, protection, positivity, strength, courage, and balance. Increase in flexibility. Release of limitations and blocked energy. Seeing new possibilities in seemingly "fixed" situations. Experiencing magic in the mundane. Motivate change.


NOTE: This blend contains "hot" oils. Applying neat to the skin may cause burning, redness, or irritation. Make sure to dilute the oil blend before applying topically.

Inhale directly from the bottle, or use the methods described here: How To Use Essential Oils


Make a 3% dilution of Freedom in the Carrier Oil of your choice for safe topical application...

3 drops Freedom Blend in 1 tsp Carrier Oil

9 drops Freedom Blend in 1/2 oz. Carrier Oil

18 drops Freedom Blend in 1 oz. Carrier Oil

You may also add this blend to one of our Body Oils!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I use this on my sore spots, because they come from tension from me holding on to stress that I need to just let go... in three days, I have much less pain, and I can focus on moving better!

Freedom my word for 2021 This blend is perfect!

I absolutely love the smell of this blend. My word for 2021 is Freedom. When I saw this blend I knew I had to purchase it. It’s perfect.


Smells so good!


I always love my oils!! Thank you

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