Orange (Sweet) Essential Oil - Miracle Botanicals Essential Oils
Orange (Sweet) Essential Oil - Miracle Botanicals Essential Oils
Orange (Sweet) Essential Oil - Miracle Botanicals Essential Oils
Orange (Sweet) Essential Oil - Miracle Botanicals Essential Oils
Orange (Sweet) Essential Oil - Miracle Botanicals Essential Oils
Orange (Sweet) Essential Oil - Miracle Botanicals Essential Oils
Orange (Sweet) Essential Oil - Miracle Botanicals Essential Oils

Orange (Sweet) Essential Oil (Citrus Sinensis)


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  • Botanical Name: Citrus Sinensis
  • Plant Part: Peel
  • Method of Extraction: Cold Pressed
  • Country of Origin: Italy
  • Color/Consistency: Bright Orange Color with Thin Consistency
  • Perfumery Note: Top
  • Main Chemical Components: Limonene (94.6%), Myrcene+octanal (2%)

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The sweet orange plant is rooted deep in Chinese medicine. In China, the dried peel of the fruit was used as a remedy for anorexia, unproductive coughs, and colds. 


The cold-pressed oil from sweet orange (Citrus sinensis), that we esteem as an essential oil, is just as beneficial today.  Our sweet orange essential oil wears a cheerful, uplifting aroma. When you need a pick-me-up, the oil’s citrusy-sweet fragrance jumps in to lift your thoughts and mood.  


As the oil of abundance, sweet orange infuses your body with stamina and vigor, lending you a hand when your energy and spirit flag or become weary.  It’s a superb friend to have close when you’re stressed and overwhelmed with the cares of the day.


Properties: antispasmodic, disinfectant, stomachic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, expectorant, stimulant (lymphatic & digestive), antifungal, carminative, hypotensive, nervous sedative, antidepressant

Aroma: fresh, fruity, sweet, citrusy

Perfumery Note: Top

Blends with: frankincense, black pepper, sandalwood, clove, lavender, clary sage, ginger, lemon, and other citrus oils.

Specific Benefits of Sweet Orange Essential Oil:


Improves Respiratory & Immune Health:
Sweet orange essential oil boasts cooling, refreshing, and expectorant properties that can boost respiratory and immune health if you’re struggling with cold and mucus build-up. Use the oil in a steam inhalant blend to expel mucus from the nasal passage and breathe better.

Improves Circulation & Encourages Lymphatic Function
If you struggle with sluggish circulation, adding sweet orange essential oil to a blend can get the blood flowing in the area. It may also stimulate the lymphatic system to help the body detox and cleanse.

Relieves Knee Pain & Muscle Aches
A study shows that combining sweet orange and ginger essential oils in a blend relieves moderate knee pain and improves physical function.

Make your own muscle pain-relieving blend by combining 4 drops of sweet orange and ginger oil each in 5 ml of tamanu oil. Use to massage the area. Strengthen the potency of our Pain Relief Formula by adding sweet orange oil to the mix.


Soothes Digestive Issues
Digestive disorders have no hold on sweet orange oil. Use to calm the digestive system to facilitate optimal performance, relieve constipation, expel gas, and ease indigestion. You may also wish to try our Digestive Flow blend that helps with indigestion.

Tones the Skin
Beautiful, vibrant skin is possible when you add sweet orange oil to your skincare regimen. The oil contains limonene, a chemical constituent that serves as an antiseptic to cleanse and brighten oily and tired-looking skin.

If your skin attracts acne like a magnet, studies show that sweet orange oil can remove blemishes and improve your skin’s appearance. Add a few drops of sweet orange oil to our Clear Skin Formula blend and you'll see amazing results.


Enhances Well-Being and Dispels Anxiety
The buoyant aroma of sweet orange is all about spreading cheerfulness. The citrusy-scented oil hits you with a healthy dose of positivity to reinvigorate your spirit and quiet anxious thoughts. Its calming properties vaporize tension, soothe depressive symptoms, and send anxiety packing.

With sweet orange oil, you’re elevated to a state of tranquility and peace.


Spiritual Awareness
Sweet orange brings you back to days of innocence and connects you with your inner child. A mere child is only concerned with living, playing, and showing generosity without prejudice, and that’s exactly what the oil promotes.

This fruity oil is an advocate of abundance and is useful when you struggle with negative emotions like fear, rigidness, inadequacy, and discouragement.


With sweet orange, you loosen up a bit and live, knowing that life is limitless and filled with spontaneity. You also tap into your creative nature, and dance to the tune of a fun-filled and abundant life.


Disinfect Sickrooms & Drives Out Musty Odours
Disinfect and freshen the air with sweet orange by adding a few drops to your diffuser or make your own room spray.

It’s also a perfect cleaning agent, and packs quite a punch against germs in bathroom and kitchen areas when used alongside other citrus oils like lemon.

How To Use Essential Oils


Raise Your Frequency with Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Let Some Sunshine In

Citrusy Sickroom & Musty Air Spray Blend

Combine your essential oils and ethanol together.

Add your mixture to a spray bottle or atomizer and top with water. Use to drive out stale, musty air. Perfect for disinfecting sickrooms. Avoid spraying directly on to furniture.


Anxiety Begone Blend

Add your essential oils to a diffuser and relax.


Indigestion Relief Blend

Combine the essential oils and carrier oil together. Use to massage the chest and abdominal area to relieve indigestion discomfort.

Biological Activities and Safety of Citrus spp. Essential Oils

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