Peppermint (Organic) Hydrosol - Miracle Botanicals Essential Oils
Peppermint (Organic) Hydrosol - Miracle Botanicals Essential Oils
Peppermint (Organic) Hydrosol - Miracle Botanicals Essential Oils
Peppermint (Organic) Hydrosol - Miracle Botanicals Essential Oils

Peppermint (Organic) Hydrosol


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  • Botanical Name: Mentha Piperita
  • Plant Part: Organic Leaves
  • Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled
  • Country of Origin: France
  • Color/Consistency: Clear Light Yellow with Watery Consistency
  • Aroma: Slightly Minty, Fresh, Sweet, and Herbaceous
  • Perfumery Note: Top

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Our organic Peppermint Hydrosol is steam-distilled from organic peppermint leaves, which are actually a naturally occurring hybrid cross between watermint and spearmint. This steam distillation process captures the extensive properties of both the oil and the live plant. This vibrant and aromatic water makes a great facial toner and can gently freshen and uplift your space. This hydrosol is also gentle, which means it can be used by all ages and sensitivities.


About Hydrosols:

A natural byproduct of essential oil distillation, hydrosols are becoming more widely used as a gentle counterpart to traditional essential oils....


During the process of steam distilling essential oils, the smaller essential oil molecules become suspended in the steam water instead of floating to the top where the essential oils are collected. After the essential oils are collected, the remaining steam water with suspended essential oil molecules is known as the essential oil hydrosol. Hydrosols carry the same energetic imprint and therapeutic properties as essential oils, while being much gentler and in many cases more suitable for applying directly to the skin.


Hydrosols are refreshing and light. They have a slight aroma compared to essential oils. They are great for cooling off, toning the skin, rebalancing emotionally and gently benefiting from the therapeutic properties of the essential oil.

Specific Benefits of Organic Peppermint Hydrosol:


This hydrosol is perfect for lifeless, dry, or aging skin. With the regenerative, uplifitng, and air opening effects of Peppermint and the gentleness of a diluted spray, it's ideal for rejuvenating dull, overworked skin cells. With a few spritzes of our Peppermint Hydrosol, your skin will feel soothed and calm. Just be sure not to get it in your eyes!


Calming and uplifting

The bright and refreshing aroma of Peppermint Hydrosol relieves tension, removes stress, promotes happiness and positivity, and acts as a natural mood booster, and decongestant.

Get Fresh with Peppermint Hydrosol

What are Hydrosols and Why Would you use Them?

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