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love this oil

This is such an amazing blend and I love the smell of it. It has been wonderful for many of my reiki clients, especially those moving away from troubled relationships. It can be very intense when diffused because of the black pepper, but it is great in a roller bottle or at the pulse points.

A Breath of Fresh!

This sage brings the outdoors inside! So fresh!

Great product!

My feet were starting to show veins along the sides. Within 2 days of using Varicose Vein Tonic, these veins had just about disappeared. I've been using it on the backs of my hands, also, and have seen some improvement, but those veins were pretty large before I started using Varicose Vein Tonic. Hopefully, with continued use, these will minimize also.

Love the earthy, almost cedar like cypress smell.

I won't be without this oil

I have almost every single oil from miracle botanicals but this one is number one in my collection... I don't ever want to be without it. It's magic in a bottle. It's so soothing when I'm stuffed up or just whenever I feel like I need relief. Thank you miracle botanicals.

Can’t live without it

My family and Eye can not live without this staple. It’s better than anything else I’ve tried for many reasons. I wish I could buy everyone a bottle who has something sore. Its one of our main remedies for pain relief and management. Like magic. Heavenly.

Amazing Black Seed Oil

Loving this Miracle Botanicals black seed oil. It’s beyond what I expected. My skins feeling and looking shiny healthy and smooth. For medicinal purposes, my family uses it daily. It has so many qualities beyond words. Mixes nicely with every oil and butter or lotion I use it with. . Top quality, a must try and have.

Frankincense Rivae Essential Oil (Boswellia Rivae)
Melissa Puckett (Dawsonville, US)
Best rivae you can buy I've tried them all

Hands down the best rivae online, period,it's one of my absolute favorites and I'm so glad that miracle botanicals makes it,very good quality!

Honest review

I love this product! I make a 5% dilution in Fractionated Coconut Oil and use as a facial/hair moisturizer, and even perfume for my neck, chest and forearms. Stuff smells heavenly. Puts a smile on my face everytime I smell it. The scent is a deep, beautiful cacao. I highly recommend getting this.

Best oils and business management!

I love Miracle Botanicals!
The oils are pure and there is a variety of sizes. Prices are great and the ship free. Also made with Love! It doesn't get any better than this!

Wildcrafted Orange Who Knew...

I intyitively grabbed my wildcrafted orange when one if my regular massage clients who has had respiratory issues as well as seasonal allergies began to have problems during massage. Within moments she was backcto normal like magic and as I started using it for all allergic clients (CA in Spring can be tough as plants from all over the world do well here) so in ordering more I decided to glance at the benefits and besides respiratory benes it is helpful with cancer too. It was surprising to me what a medicine oranges really are! Thanks MB!!!

Bergamot is the Bomb

I just love any version of citrus and Bergamot is so unique and one of my go tos for myself and for massage.

Miracle Botanicals is a legitimate company. However there are scammer shops on Shopify. Please be careful of what you purchase though Shopify, they will not help you if you make a purchase from a fake shop. I will never buy anything with Shopify again and I will be writting to all of the legitmate business I make purchases from to encourage them to stop using shopify as well.

Aloha Jaime! I appreciate your concern with scammer sites on Shopify and we do not condone that kind of activity. We make our Sexxy blend by hand using some of the finest botanical ingredients, and I think if you tried our customer service you would like it.

Yet, your 1 star review applies to our product and our shop, not Shopify. If you would want to order some of our lovely products without using Shopify, we can accommodate that as well.

We would appreciate it if you changed your review here to reflect the quality of our product and service. Either way, we love you!

I love it

I use on my face because of skin cancers and I haven’t had any more. I use it on thin skin parts of my body to prevent other cancers. I even put it under my tongue.

Castor Oil - Organic (Ricinus Communis)
Barbara Phillips (Ft. Washington, US)
Oil of Joy

I am pleasantly pleased with all the oils I've purchased. Looking forward to more goodness. Thank you for authenticity in your products!

Sandalwood Hawaii

I am very happy with this lovely oil. It is smooth and yummy and makes me feel relaxed and centered.
So glad I got it.

Refreshing Drink

I purchased this oil specifically to use in my water for a delicious refreshing drink. Just a few drops is all it takes.
This oil has a lovely, sunny aroma in the diffuser as well..

Cypress (Weeping) (Cupressus Funebris)
Joshua Baldauf (Quincy, US)
Just right👌

This has been super useful for blending in to a room scent. Would reccomend!


Diffusing this and meditating is almost forest bathing. Love it!


My mother loved this as a gift. She had read about the Chinese berry, but knew it by another name. Anyhow, this is great!

Lots of uses

This not only smells great, but is fantastic for your skin. Enjoying mine for sure!

Just beautiful

I love both of the oils on thier own, and was blown away by the synergy. Good stuff!


Probably the best Dark Pat on the market. Will absolutely be re upping to a larger size next time 😅

Welcoming scent

First time smelling this and I'm blown away. It also helps with my social anxiety with all that linalool. Will be ordering again.