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Organic Hawaiian Sandalwood Hydrosol

Botanical Name: Santalum Paniculatum Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled
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Introducing Organic Hawaiian Sandalwood Hydrosol; a much gentler, more hydrating counterpart to our Hawaiian Sandalwood essential oil. You can enjoy the rich, sweet scent of our Hawaiian Sandalwood blend by using it as a moisturizing body spritz. You can use this spray directly on your body or as an ambient mist to create a therapeutic atmosphere in your home or workspace.

Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil, the main component of this hydrosol spray, is sweet and rich. Our Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil is sourced from a family-owned and operated 2,800-acre farm, which is part of Hawaiian Sandalwood forest restoration efforts. For every Sandalwood tree that is harvested, 25 more are planted in its place. This means our Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil is renewable and consciously sourced.

Specific Benefits of Hawaiian Sandalwood Hydrosol:

Gentle care… This spray is hydrating, soothing, and gentle on the skin. Unlike with direct Hawaiian sandalwood oils, this spray is diluted for any type of skin.

Therapeutic… Need a moment to calm down and take a moment? This hydrosol spray allows you to clear the air, freshen your space, and refocus on the task at hand.