Frequently Asked Questions

What is Essential Oil and Aromatherapy?

Essential oil is the aromatic liquid which contains biological messengers for the particular plant’s life blueprint. Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of essential oils to promote optimal human health and well being. We offer essential oils that have been extracted using steam distillation or carbon dioxide, and each product description specifies which method was used. To learn more about how to use essential oils for aromatherapy, Click Here. To learn more about how essential oils work, Click Here.

Are your Essential Oils Diluted or Cut with Anything?

No. They are 100% pure essential oil unless otherwise specified in the product detail. Specifically, some of our essential oil offerings are diluted with carrier oil. In that case, we’ve made it easy to see all of the ingreditents we used right at the top of the product listing page.

Are your Essential Oils Therapeutic Grade?

Yes! All of our essential oils are pure, natural, GCMS verified and infused with love and harp music by our founder,  Hope Johnson.

Are your essential oils ingestible?

Yes and No. If a particular variety of essential oil is considered ingestible, and we carry that variety, it is of the quality and potency recommended for ingestion. We do not offer advice about whether any particular essential oil is suitable for ingesting or whether ingesting essential oil is appropriate for any individual, or for any condition. Pure essential oils like ours are highly concentrated. Please use extreme caution and consider getting professional advice if you are not familiar with ingesting essential oils.


Are your essential oils food grade?

Yes. But we don’t recommend eating them unless you are a trained aromatherapist, you have highly developed intuition and are being guided by spirit, or you are following the guidance of a trained aromatherapist. We also provide GCMS test reports on the individual product pages for all of our single essential oils. If you are buying an essential oil blend, you will find GCMS test reports on the individual products pages of each essential oil ingredient.


Is it Safe to Shop on Your Site?

Yes! Safe shopping is a concern for many shoppers, so we’ve made it completely safe to shop on our site. Credit cards are encrypted and we will never share your information with anyone.

What Payment Options do you Provide?

We support all major credit cards as well as PayPal.

Will I be Charged Taxes?

Sales Tax is applied to orders shipped to Hawai’i.

What’s your Shipping Rate?


Free Shipping to the United States via USPS First Class Package. We also offer USPS Priority Mail for an additional fee..


International Orders are shipped via DHL International Express. Please see our checkout page to calculate the specific shipping cost for your order.

How can I check my Order Status, Review and Cancel Orders?

Go to the My Account section of our website and check Order History.

What’s Your Return Policy?

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed. We will refund the entire purchase price within 45 days, provided the customer did not use multiple quantities of the same product or order under wholesale or bulk terms. Simply return the unused portion to Miracle Botanicals 15-2660 Pahoa Village Road #105-644, Pahoa, HI 96778. Please feel free to contact us at to request your prepaid shipping label.