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I wonderful product

About six months ago, I was diagnosed with pruigo nodularis. It’s a skin condition, with the most intense itch ever. I have tried Cortizone cream, and about five other creams that were all prescriptions. I saw this advertised on Facebook and thought “why not?”It’s a skin condition, with the most intense itch ever. I have tried Cortizone cream, and about five other creams that we’re all prescriptions. I saw this advertised on Facebook and thought “why not?“. It works!!!!❤️

My fave frank

I love frereana frank soul much and I have them all. It’s probably my favorite at the moment. I researched it and agree with all of the benefits. It smells so lovely and works wonders! I am so thankful to MB for introducing to me and for carrying a wide variety of frankincense. I really had no idea all of the different Franks available. They are all lovely, but Frereana is for sure top shelf. They say it’s the “king” of Franks. For sure strong and stealth. My top choice!

Use as mouthwash

I love this oil, have been using it for a long time. I use it as mouthwash. One or 2 drops mixed in 1 oz of water. It's a powerful antiseptic, heals mouth sores quickly, and reduces gingivitis over time. Also, it helps to recover from respiratory illnesses faster. I highly recommend this oil!
In addition, I don't use regular chemical toothpastes, I use fine baking soda with other oils to brush my teeth. Not sure if the combination of all ingredients is what helps but they keep my teeth clean and my dentist is amazed!

Still looking at it.

I don't know what to think about Carrot Root Essential Oil yet. It is nothing like Carrot Seed Essential Oil. I would think of it as a modifier of the Carrot Seed Oil. Something to lock a concentration of Carrot Seed and other oils in a topical application. Since it's a dilute in Jojoba Oil, it will act differently than if it was in Coconut oil. I'm looking at making a topical consisting of Manuka, CO2 Coconut Oil, Carrot Root Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, and Helichrysum Oil. In a Lighter Carrier Oil such as Coconut Carrier Oil.


I wanted to try this. As stated it is a much sweeter smell. So glad it was on sale.
Different but still has some benefits and smells sweeter.


I ordered this oil because I’ve heard about its mucolytic properties, and I hope it helps with stuffiness, both from being in air conditioning as well as the dust when it’s windy. It smells wonderful!

WOW!!! Smells wonderful 🥰🥰🥰🥰

WOW!! This hydrosol smells wonderful. I think it is the sweeter smelling rose🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

Love this sage

Normally a clary sage girl, but loving this organic sage, and good to have both! Mahalo MB! I keep it by the front door and everyone smells it often. I’ve added it to a cleansing air freshener spray. It smells really good and I’m enjoying it soul much. It’s powerful and such a refreshing addition to the collection!

Duuuuude yummmmm

Super duper stoked on the free gift of pine turpentine and all of the magic and power it has to offer. Mahalo MB!!! Wow how amazing . Would have never have thunk to order this one, but now realize it’s a must have. The scent and power of the scent is like no other. I’m blown away each time. I smell it a lot and am researching it. Diffusing it inside clears the energy right away. Also recently used as final ingredient of a homemade powerful cleaning agent, unbelievable results. Wow. Amaze balls.

My fave lavender

I’ve tried most lavenders and thus far this is my fave. Have almost used whole bottle and will be ordering this particular one again soon in bigger size. The go to for everything and works. I like this new zealand one because it is less pungent and more subtle, but just as powerful. It has really great energy and is the current lavender for our family. I love it.

Powerful stuff!

I use this spiritually, not therapeutically so I can’t comment on that. However I use this oil in items designed to send negative energy back to its source. A little goes a very long way.

Amazing energy

I use pennyroyal in products meant for kitchen witchery. I’ve never used it therapeutically so I can’t comment on that, but it’s got a kickass vibe that I use in preparations to set wards in my yard.

Gorgeous Chamomile Scent!

I was excited to add this to my chamomile collection. It’s got the best smell of all of them and it makes the most amazing sleep treatment. I tried alone and in synergy with other oils and it was great both times.

Oh. My. Goodness.

I’ve used Valerian before and you never know what it’s going to smell like. This was musky, spicy, a little resinous - and deeper than the Vetiver I have. It is strong and a little goes a long way but a little is all that is needed. Blended with Ylang Ylang and a bit of Chamomile, this will take you to dreamland 💗

Super custom anti- aging blend

My face feels very moisturized! It makes my face feel soft!

Hinoki Essential Oil (Chamaecyparis Obtusa)
Nicolett Olson (Stafford, US)

Amazing product Beautiful crisp clean scent. Light lemon grass like start, ending in a rosewood mingling with teak finish. A little goes a long way. I blend it with rose and it makes a perfect summer scent.

this stuff is awesome

I've been experimenting with a dozen different myrrh essential oils and resins to use for incense. This is the most wonderful smelling myrrh I've found.
Notice that this is not your standard myrrh variety. Sweet myrrh comes from a different species of tree. It is still myrrh. So look forward to being pleasantly surprised.

This is the only brand of cocoa absolute oil that I will purchase. The smell is amazing!!


Such a great oil to incorporate into a ‘forest bathing’ diffuser blend. It’s light and brings a sense of calm in the room.

Rejuvenating Face and Body Butter
Georgette Huddy (Chicago, US)

💘 this very much..even helpful for lil big bites..


wish all on maui would 💘 have laurel for courage..rejuvenation.

So surprised!

I received this oil as a free promotional gift with my order. I would have never thought to purchase this oil but OH My!!! What a great smelling oil. I love diffusing this oil. It also blends well with other wood oils.

Great deodorant!

I was excited to find an oil that works as a deodorant! I diluted this oil in a spray bottle for easy application. Love it!