4 Benefits of Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil

4 Benefits of Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil

Hope Johnson
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While the color pink sparks joy and bright energy, Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil does well to invoke the same experience for those who use it! You can’t miss the tangy fragrance that truly resembles the tart aroma of a freshly picked pink grapefruit.  Continue reading to discover all of the wonderful benefits this essential oil has to offer…

The best Quality Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil is Cold Pressed from the Peel

Like all citrus essential oils, pink grapefruit essential is most potent and aromatically pleasing when it’s cold pressed from the rinds of fresh, ripe, juicy pink grapefruit. You probably noticed that when you peel a pink grapefruit, or any citrus fruit, a lovely aromatic mist gets released into the air. That aromatic mist is the essential oil of the fruit escaping from the rind’s delicate outer membrane.

With regard to pink grapefruit essential oil, we are looking for an aroma that’s identical to what you would expect from peeling a fresh, ripe, juicy pink grapefruit.

An identical aroma is exactly what we get when fresh, ripe, juicy pink grapefruit rinds are pressed without using any heat, and the oil is collected without any added ingredients or processes. When pink grapefruit is processed correctly, the essential oil’s aroma is identical to the aromatic mist that’s naturally expressed when you peel the fresh fruit. That’s because it’s the same essential oil that naturally lives in the rinds of citrus fruits, and it hasn’t been compromised by heat, adulterated with artificial fragrance, or contaminated with cheap fillers.

However, not all citrus essential oils sold today are created equal. Many of them have been extracted by steam distillation, which is the WRONG process to extract citrus oils. While steam distillation is great for many botanicals, the same does not go for citrus essential oils.

Citrus oils are susceptible to damage from heat, which reduces their healing properties and distorts their lovely aroma. Even worse, some products being sold as “pure citrus oils” contain artificial or natural fragrance that was added back into the oil in an attempt to recreate the fruit’s natural aroma.

Cold pressed essential oils are more expensive to produce, but it’s well worth the cost, because the chemical components of pink grapefruit essential oil are easily altered by heat. Our pink grapefruit essential oil, and ALL our citrus essential oils are cold pressed and extracted from the rinds of fresh, ripe, juicy citrus fruits. 

So, as usual, you can rest assured that when you’re shopping with Miracle Botanicals, you’re always getting the most potent, medicinal, and pure essential oils available anywhere.

Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil (Citrus Paradisi)

Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil (Citrus Paradisi)


  Botanical Name: Citrus Paradisi Plant Part: Peel / Method of Extraction: Cold Pressed Country of Origin: Argentina Color/Consistency: Bright Orange with Thin Consistency Main Chemical Components: Limonene (93.09%) Caution: Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil is phototoxic, which means it should not… read more

Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil Benefits

Overview and Origins

The botanical name for this semisweet, yet bitter fruit is Citrus Paradis. Through cold-pressed extraction, Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil processed from the peel of the fruit, the result of which has a thin consistency with a bright orange tint. While this powerful citrus originates from Argentina, the United States is, in fact, the largest consumer of pink grapefruit today! This plant is also grown domestically in states such as Florida, Texas, and California.

For Skincare

Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil contains many properties that make it a wonderful ally for skincare. Those that experience acne may benefit from this oil which is known to detoxify, absorb impurities, and lend nutrients to the skin. It is also commonly used to clear other types of blemishes and reduce the appearance of dark spots.

Due to its antiseptic, antibacterial, and antifungal properties, Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil is additionally used as a powerful cleansing agent to ward off skin issues like candida overgrowth and athlete’s foot, and ringworm to name a few!

This oil is also recommended for cellulite treatment due to its toning and astringent benefits.

*With all of these amazing topical benefits in mind, please note that Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil is phototoxic, which means it should not be used on skin that will be exposed to sunlight in the next 12 hours.

Improve Immunity

Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil also contains high levels of Vitamin C, meaning that it serves as a strong antioxidant and antiviral that may improve immunity. Aromatherapists recommend using it to keep the cold, flu, other viruses at bay at the first signs of infection.

Cleanse & Dietary Support

For those who are participating in a dietary cleanse, intermittent fasting, or looking to encourage more healthy eating habits, Grapefruit Essential Oil is commonly used as a natural appetite suppressor. This is because it helps to regulate insulin and blood sugar levels, which sends signals to the brain that your body is sufficiently nourished, thus reducing unwanted cravings.

Boost Mood

Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil is the perfect aroma when you need a pick me up! Make your mood as bright as the fruit itself and invoke an energy of courage, boldness, and confidence. Citrus oils are known to be extremely refreshing and uplifting— this oil is certainly no exception. 

Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil is also known to positively impact the balance of the sacral and solar plexus chakras which are related to issues of self-esteem, willpower, creativity, and pleasure. 

Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil Recipes

“Pink Lemonade in the Sun” Air Refresher

Invite the uplifting, refreshing mood of the warm seasons with this fruity aroma.

Spray as desired around your home.

Potent Anti-Fungal Treatment

Use this powerful anti-fungal mixture for relief to ailments such as ringworm, athlete’s foot, and toenail fungus.

Combine oils and rub the mixture onto the affected area. *Please note that Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil is phototoxic, which means it should not be used topically on skin that will be exposed to sunlight in the next 12 hours.

Pick Me Up Blend

Give yourself an energy boost with this bright, minty, citrus mix!!

Use equal parts of each essential oil in your diffuser.

For a sweet, citrusy oil that offers so many benefits in one, tiny bottle, we recommend adding Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil to your aromatherapy collection. 

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