Allspice: The Unsung Essential Oil of Autumn

Allspice: The Unsung Essential Oil of Autumn

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When it comes to the seasonal scents of autumn, our olfactory senses immediately imagine aromas of firs, cedars, orange, cinnamon, and cardamom, but there is one more, often forgotten, that is the perfect complement to Fall; allspice!

Ground and used as a seasoning in food, allspice is a signature flavor you will recognize in soups, cakes, teas, and pies— although you may not have known it. Akin to clove, allspice is warm, spicy, rich, and pungent. It is important to note that a common misconception about “allspice” is that it is a mix of seasonings, but in fact, this complex profile is one simple dried berry.

So, as an oily ally, how can we revel in the therapeutic benefits of Allspice Essential Oil during the autumn season and beyond? Let’s explore four of our favorite uses…

As an Aphrodisiac

Cooler temperatures may have their downsides, but certainly one of my favorite things about Fall is cuddling up to my special someone to stay cozy. Invite Allspice Essential Oil into the equation, and you might end up with an extra spicy moment on your hands! Traditionally, allspice is known to get the blood flowing and has been used as a natural, sexual stimulant for ages, a benefit that continues through its use as an essential oil.

To use: employ this oil as a perfume for you and/or your lover when calling in an intimate moment. Dilute it for use on its own, or combine with other stimulating oils. Allspice Essential Oil is very strong, so we do not recommend it for use in an intimate massage blend.

Muscle and Joint Pain

When the cold weather begins to set in, so do many mysterious aches and pains— ouch! Luckily, Allspice Essential Oil is an analgesic, which is a fancy way to say it helps to reduce pain. If you find your nooks and crannies creaking and aching this Fall (or any season really) this is a natural remedy that you can reach for.

To use: Blend with your favorite carrier oil and use topically as a massage balm on the affected area.

Bloating, Gas, and Stomach Issues

Often highlighted is Allspice Essential Oil’s effect as a carminative, meaning that it relieves flatulence. Additionally, it is known to help with other stomach issues like cramps, nausea, and general indigestion. We are getting to that time of the year when feasts are abounding, which means it’s more likely we’ll run into such discomfort. But never fear if you have allspice near!

The benefits are perhaps two-fold because after you relieve yourself of flatulence, then the lingering, spicy aroma of Allspice Essential Oil might just be enough to cover up any gassy by-product!

To use: Blend with your favorite carrier oil and use topically as a massage balm on the affected area. Or simply diffuse.

Menopause and Menstruation

Not only can Allspice Essential Oil help relieve stomach, muscle, and joint pain, but cramping, too! And for women who are entering into their wiser years, Allspice is cited as a traditional remedy to regulate estrogen balance during menopause, which can help reduce the uncomfortable symptoms that come with this change of life.

For cramps: Blend with your favorite carrier oil and use topically as a massage balm on the affected area.

For menopause: Simply place a few drops in your diffuser.

And there are even more benefits to Allspice, the unsung oil of Autumn! Are you interested in learning more about this oily ally? We have even more information waiting for you in the full product profile…

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