Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil - Fun Facts

Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil - Fun Facts

Hope Johnson
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Hawaiian Sandalwood essential oil only comes from the Island of Hawaii, as the trees are endemic to the Island. It's known as the most therapeutic sandalwood in the world, even surpassing Indian Sandalwood due to the presence of santalols in abundant quantity. 

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This is one of my favorite oils in all of aromatherapy, and it's not just because I reside on the Island of Hawaii (Big Island). Compared to other sandalwood oils, Hawaiian Sandalwood is the most appealing to me. Its sweet, woody, caramel-like notes transport me to the misty forest above Kealakekua Bay where this oil comes from. 

It's so serene, relaxing, and peaceful that one inhalation can lift me out of a stressful, worried, concerned, resentful, or otherwise joyless mindset.

Whether I use the Hawaiian Sandalwood Hydrosol as a face and/or body mist, or I inhale the Hawaiian Sandalwood essential oil from the bottle, the aroma never fails to satisfy my craving for aromatic wisdom. I also love to slather large amounts of the oil onto my body. Other people seem to appreciate that too! 😃

Sandalwood Hawaiian Essential Oil - Organic (Santalum Paniculatum)

Sandalwood Hawaiian Essential Oil - Organic (Santalum Paniculatum)


  Botanical Name: Santalum Paniculatum Plant Part: Heartwood Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled Country of Origin: Hawaii, USA Color/Consistency: Clear Yellow-Gold Color with Thin-Medium Consistency Aroma: Warm, Sweet, Rich, and Woodsy Perfumery Note: Base Main Chemical Components: Z-alha-santalol (31.23%), Z-beta-santalol (15.29%),… read more

Fun Facts about Hawaiian Sandalwood Oil:

  • Hawaiian Sandalwood trees are called called "Iliahi" in Hawaiian
  • The trees only grow on the Big Island of Hawaii, and there is only one known producer of the hydrosol and essential oil.
  • The only producer of Hawaiian Sandalwood products is a reforestation forest farm whose practices are 100% sustainable.
  • Out of 18 worldwide species of sandalwood, 6 of them are Hawaiian.
  • Santalum paniculatum is the only species of Hawaiian Sandalwood that's presently thriving due to reforestation.
  • There are presently over 100,000 acres of Hawaiian Sandalwood trees, which is roughly about 1/2 the size of the Island of Oahu.
  • Hawaiian Sandalwood is root-parasitic which means it has special root extensions that capture water and nutrients from roots of other plants.
  • Native Koa is planted alongside Hawaiian Sandalwood to act as the host plant for Hawaiian Sandalwood's nutritional requirements.
  • Only dead and dying Hawaiian Sandalwood trees are harvested.
  • Miracle Botanicals offers the lowest retail price for real Hawaiian Sandalwood oil and Hydrosol

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