Is Rose Oil Safe During Pregnancy

Is Rose Oil Safe During Pregnancy

Hope Johnson
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Is Rose Oil Safe During Pregnancy? Rose oil, with its intoxicating scent and potent properties, can be a pregnant woman's best friend when that woman is fortunate enough to find real rose oil and she knows how to use it appropriately.

Based on my research, Rose oil appears to be generally safe for use during pregnancy, and it can offer several benefits. According to a study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), Rose oil was found to effectively reduce pregnancy-related low back pain intensity without any significant adverse effect.

Imagine that, smelling like roses while easing the pain associated with childbirth, making it possible to even have a painless childbirth like I did!

There's something incredibly soothing about the scent of roses, isn't there? It's like a gentle whisper, a soft lullaby that brings a sense of tranquility. That's the magic of our authentic Rose oil, sourced directly from the verdant Kazanlak Valley in Bulgaria.

This isn't just an oil; it's a potion of serenity, expertly distilled from only the petals—the heart and soul of the rose. When you inhale its intoxicating aroma, it's as if you're walking through a blooming rose garden, feeling the stress and tension melt away with each breath.

But here's where it gets even more fascinating: this calming effect isn't limited to you; it extends to your baby as well. You see, your baby's experience and development are influenced by your emotions, even while still in the womb. When you're relaxed and at peace, your baby feels safe and at ease.

It's a perfect environment for growing a physically robust, mentally sane, and spiritually attuned human being. 

Moreland OB/GYN also includes Rose oil in their list of safe essential oils to use during pregnancy. What To Expect and Healthline echo this sentiment, stating that Rose oil is safe and can help reduce anxiety, encourage calm, and aid sleep.

However, pregnancy can heighten sensitivity to smell, and some women may find the aroma of certain essential oils overwhelming— even leading to symptoms like nausea. In that case, I recommend the 10% Dilute version of our rose oil for most pregnant mothers. You can use our 10% Dilute of Rose straight out of the bottle or dilute it even further to your preferred level of rosiness.  

rose essential oil

And, of course, authenticity matters. Always ensure you're using real Rose essential oil. Authentic Rose oil offers a myriad of benefits that imitations simply cannot match.

Is Rose oil safe during pregnancy? Without a doubt, it is! But I can only promise that about our genuine Rose oil sourced directly from the lush Kazanlak Valley in Bulgaria. This region, renowned for its exceptional quality roses, gifts us with an essential oil that is nothing short of extraordinary. 

Our Rose oil is gently steam distilled, an artisanal process that ensures only the purest essence is extracted - and only from the petals, the most potent part of the rose. This meticulous method preserves all the beneficial properties of the rose, creating an oil that is not just safe but supremely beneficial during pregnancy.

And let's talk authenticity. It's not just about safety, it's about getting the real deal. Authentic Rose oil, like ours, offers arosehip seed oil myriad of benefits that imitations simply cannot match. From its calming aroma to help soothe your senses to relief from discomfort, every drop brings you closer to tranquility. 

Remember, your well-being during pregnancy deserves nothing less than the best - choose authentic, choose our Bulgarian Rose Oil.

Another Rosy option that’s safe during pregnancy is our CO2 Extracted Rosehip Seed Oil! This isn't your everyday oil; it's a love letter from nature, brimming with vitality.

Unlike cold-pressed oils, the CO2 extraction method ensures a higher concentration of nutrients, giving your skin the royal treatment it deserves. Dive into this luxurious experience, and let your skin drink up the goodness!

Let me introduce you to another gem in our collection, our Rose Hydrosol. This isn't just a product; it's an experience—a journey into the heart of nature that promises to transform your skincare routine.

Derived from the steam distillation of rose petals, our Rose Hydrosol is a beautiful embodiment of purity and elegance. It carries the same intoxicating aroma of roses that we all love, but with a subtler, more delicate note. It's like capturing the essence of a dew-kissed rose at dawn in a bottle—refreshing, revitalizing, and oh-so-romantic.

is rose oil safe during pregnancy

What makes Rose Hydrosol truly special is its versatility. When people ask me "Is Rose Oil Safe During Pregnancy?", I make sure to let them know about the gentle benefits of Rose hydrosol and hyrosols in general. It can be used as a facial toner, setting makeup, refreshing the skin on a hot day, or even as a soothing aftershave. And here's my personal favorite use: spritz it on your pillow before sleep, and let the gentle aroma lull you into sweet dreams.

But wait till you hear about the benefits! Packed with natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, Rose Hydrosol works wonders in calming irritated skin and reducing redness. It's also a potent hydrator that locks in moisture, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth, and naturally glowing.

I could go on and on about our Rose Hydrosol because it's truly that wonderful. But instead, I'll leave you with this: give it a try, and let the magic unfold. Experience the tenderness of roses, the luxury of natural skincare, and the joy of discovering a product that feels like it was made just for you. Trust me, once you've tried our Rose Hydrosol, there's no turning back.

Lastly, while I aim to provide detailed and accurate information in answering the question, Is Rose oil safe during pregnancy, please remember this advice is based on general guidelines and does not replace your awareness and inner guidance.

Enjoy the blissful journey of pregnancy and remember, Rose oil could be a wonderful companion during this transformational phase! Is rose oil safe during pregnancy? 

Rose (Bulgarian) Essential Oil - Rose Otto (Rosa Damascena)

Rose (Bulgarian) Essential Oil - Rose Otto (Rosa Damascena)


  Botanical Name: Rosa Damascena Plant Part: Bulgarian Rose Blossoms Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled Country of Origin: Kazanlak Bulgaria (Valley of Roses) Color/Consistency: Pale Straw Color with Thin Consistency Aroma: Fresh, Floral, Deep, Sweet, and Mildly Spicy Perfumery Note:… read more

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