Peppermint Essential Oil Profile

Peppermint Essential Oil Profile

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Aromatherapists praise Peppermint Essential Oil, as it is one of the most medicinal plants and has been used for centuries. Organic Peppermint essential oil is very popular through the mainstream since the herb has been scientifically proven as the most beneficial!

Steam Distilled Peppermint essential oil is far more concentrated than most steam distilled oils! (A little goes a long way!) Peppermint has endless physical and emotional benefits, and it is an extremely strong healer and stimulant! Peppermint essential oil contains a high amount of menthol, which produces a cooling sensation. The body reacts by creating a warming effect when inhaled. When the oil is placed topically on the body, the menthol causes the body to increase blood flow for an even more powerful stimulating and warming effect.

Peppermint Essential Oil - USA (Mentha Piperita)

Peppermint Essential Oil - USA (Mentha Piperita)


  Botanical Name: Mentha Piperita Plant Part: Leaves Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled Country of Origin: USA (Williamette Valley) Color/Consistency: Light Yellow/Clear Color with Thin Consistency Aroma: Fresh, Minty, Hot, and Herbaceous Perfumery Note: Top Main Chemical Components: Menthol (43.04%),… read more


Emotions: Peppermint essential oil is very refreshing, even when the oil is inhaled. Due to the oils refreshing nature, it can provide relief from stress, anxiety, depression, and mental exhaustion. It can also be calming and cooling in order to relieve emotional restlessness. The oil also stimulates certain parts of the brain, which allows for increased concentration, revitalization, and helps with loss of memory. Peppermint essential oil also encourages self-acceptance, vibrancy, and vitality! Peppermint can be used when one is feeling bored, emotionally overwhelmed, or emotionally numb. The oil has however been found more useful to use during the day, rather than before bed, due to its stimulating and invigorating properties, one may not be able to fall asleep. Peppermint is extremely soothing, strengthening, and stimulating and can be used during exams, times where high focus is needed, and around midday energy crashes.

Skincare: Peppermint essential oil is anti-inflammatory and can be used on the skin to reduce redness, itchiness, and relieve skin irritation. The oil is also anti-bacterial and can be used for dermatitis, acne, ringworm, and scabies. With any of these skin conditions, peppermint will also provide relief from itchiness, inflammation, and create a cooling effect on the affected areas. The menthol contained in the peppermint essential oil provides excellent properties for ultimate skincare. The menthol allows for nourishment of dull skin and improvement of oily skin. *Note: When the oil is used on the skin, it must be diluted greatly! Peppermint essential oil is extremely strong and potent and can be diluted in 3 drops per 5ml mixture.

Peppermint essential oil is also very effective for hair care as it provides a cooling effect on the head, while removing dandruff. It is also one of the most powerful oils to use for the removal of lice! Due to the oil’s chemical composition, the insects are forced to evacuate the area with peppermint. If the insects do not leave, the components in the oil will cause the insects central nervous systems to shut down. *Note: When using peppermint on the scalp, it is best to used 2 drops per 1tbsp of water, as the oil is very concentrated.

Physical: Peppermint essential oil has proven to be very helpful for indigestion. Many people have taken a few drops of peppermint in a glass of water after meals to aid digestion even further. The oil is also a carminative, which helps with the removal of gas from the body and bowels. Peppermint essential oil contains muscle-relaxing properties, which allows relief and ease of irritable bowel syndrome. The menthol in the oil helps with the clearing of the respiratory tract. Through inhalation of the oil, relief is provided from congestion, sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis, cough, and cold. The oil may also be diluted and rubbed on the chest in order to remove respiratory and nasal congestion instantly! Also, applying a diluted formula of peppermint essential to the forehead provides relief from headache and nausea. Peppermint essential oil contains a component of calcium antagonism, which aids in the relief and removal of pain. The oil can be diluted and used topically for such pain relief. Since the oil is stimulating and energizing by nature, peppermint provides improvement of blood circulation. Lastly, peppermint is an excellent tonic for the immune system, as it helps strengthen the overall body, providing prevention for a number of dis-eases!

Spiritual: Peppermint essential oil is extremely invigorating and helps to stimulate the conscious mind, allowing for increase in conscious thought! The oil also provides spiritual protection and purification of the spirit. Peppermint can be used when there seems to be barriers in the way of what is wanted.

Peppermint can provide view of a clear pathway! Peppermint also lifts and stimulates the spirits, causing one to understand and appreciate the unfolding life mysteries.

Chakras Affected:

Second Chakra: Sacral Chakra In the second chakra, Peppermint essential oil supports lower backache and sciatica, due to its antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties!

Third Chakra: Solar Plexus Chakra Physically, the solar plexus affects the digestive system and part of the endocrine system. Peppermint essential oil helps to support and strengthen the digestive tract.

Fourth Chakra: Heart Chakra When feelings of stress, feelings of rejection, fear, jealousy, and heartache occur, tightening of the chest and shortness of breath occurs in the respiratory system. Peppermint essential oil assists with strengthening and soothing the respiratory system, allowing for a release in tightness and an easy flow of breath.

Fifth Chakra: Throat Chakra The fifth chakra governs communication and the ability for one to speak for themselves with confidence and assertion. When the gums and teeth are unhealthy or in pain, the ability to speak with such confidence and assertion may be inhibited. Peppermint essential oil assists with overall dental health!

Sixth Chakra: Third-Eye Chakra When there is cleansing or blockages of the third-eye chakra, sinus infections and sinusitis may occur. To assist with an appropriate cleanse of this dis-ease, peppermint essential oil can be added to a bowl of steaming water or vaporizer and steam inhaled for relief and ultimate healing! Sometimes the third-eye can be stressed and tense causing headaches and migraines. For relief from headaches and migraines, peppermint essential oil can be dropped on a cloth with warm water. *Note: Make sure when using peppermint directly on the skin or forehead, a very small amount is used and it is extremely diluted, as it is very strong.

  • Physical Plant: Green
  • Oil: Clear
  • Etheric: Silver, Blue, Pink, and Green
  • Neat: Place a drop or two directly onto clean and intact skin. A couple drops on the wrists, shoulders, temples or neck imparts a strong woodsy and honey-like aroma. *Note: This oil should not be used undiluted on facial skin!
  • Blended with Carrier: Use 3 drops per 1 TBL of carrier oil such as grapeseed, rosehip, jojoba or hazelnut oils, and massage over any area where you would like for healing to occur.
  • Bath: Place 5 drops into 3 handfuls of bath salt and disperse, or add 8 drops to vodka or whole milk and disperse.
  • Shower: Soak for at least 3 minutes in steamy shower, then with the water off or turned away from the body, allow 5-7 drops to fall in the palm of the hand and distribute all over wet body (not face). The oil will penetrate very quickly, and the body can be rinsed again, or not.
  • Diffusor: Follow diffusor manufacturers instructions, but typically add about 8 drops.
  • Room Deodorizer: Add 8 drops per 2oz distilled water and spray as desire

Contraindications: Do not use during Pregnancy. Do not use for babies and small children. Do not use on small animals, especially cats.

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