Liberty Essential Oil Blend | Stand in Freedom

Liberty Essential Oil Blend | Stand in Freedom

Hope Johnson
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Follow your bliss and be liberated with our Liberty Essential Oil Blend. This blend was made to help activate and amplify the unwavering boldness, strength, and courage it takes to stand in complete freedom. Be at peace; release yourself from the hold of the ego’s projections and unleash your true, authentic self by welcoming liberty and sovereignty with open arms. 

Take an aromatic journey with a unique blend of Pink Pepper, Rosemary Verbenone, Clove and Patchouli which offer warm and cozy spice notes, while Eucalyptus Globulus adds a refreshing herbal aroma, and the embrace of Tagetes, Helichrysum Corisican, Inula and Rose Otto bring sweet, floral balance.

Liberty Essential Oil Blend - 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend For Fearless Expression

Liberty Essential Oil Blend - 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend For Fearless Expression


100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils of Rosemary Verbenone, Pink Pepper, Clove CO2, Light Patchouli, Tagetes, Eucalyptus Globulus, Helichrysum Corsican, Inula, and Rose Otto. Freedom and Boldness Blend Love Infused Made in Hawai'i … read more

Liberty Essential Oil Blend is a powerful and uplifting potion for those feeling trapped, stuck or blocked. It is also a potent elixir that will help align and tonify your chakras. After mixing with carrier oil, apply a small amount of the blend to each of your chakra centers to bring forth the light aspects and balance the shadow aspects. 

Free your mind! Our Liberty Blend helps rid the mind of clouded thoughts and untangles one from feelings of fear and anxiety. Encourage your fullness of expression! This harmonious blend will help you free yourself from limiting beliefs and distorted illusions, pushing you farther as you achieve your goals and inspire creative passions.

Check out the recipes below to see how to incorporate Miracle Botanicals Liberty Blend into your routine.

Ego Untangling Serum

The ego can have a strong hold over our thoughts, projecting illusions into our lives. Use this serum to help calm the storm and clear clouded thoughts.

Mix oils in a glass bowl, gently swirling until homogenous. Apply serum to wrists and neck.

Eye Opening Diffusion

This diffusion will help open the mind’s eye and lead to clear visions on the road to completing Divine Will. 

Add ingredients to diffuser. Allow diffusion to permeate room.

Chakra Aligning Elixir

Align and tonify the chakras using this elixir. 

Mix oils in a glass bowl, gently swirling until homogenous. Apply to chakra points.

Break the cycle of old phases, cross the threshold, and start a new timeline with the Liberty Blend. This blend is perfect for drawing you closer to completing your Divine Will. Clearing away the ego’s fantasies, unblocking your chakras, and freeing the mind- this helpful blend will aid you on the pilgrimage to a higher frequency.

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