Thyme Essential Oil Benefits

Thyme Essential Oil Benefits

Hope Johnson
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A cherished culinary herb throughout the globe, Thyme essential oil benefits include antifungal and antiseptic qualities. Our Sweet Thyme essential oil originates in France and is made from the second distillation of the dried leaves and flowers. Ideal for both aromatherapy and dilution in a carrier oil for topical use, Sweet Thyme may offer the natural relief you’re looking for from anxiety to insomnia and eczema and fungal infections of the skin and nails.

Thyme Essential Oil (Sweet) (Thymus Vulgaris ct. Linalool)

Thyme Essential Oil (Sweet) (Thymus Vulgaris ct. Linalool)


Botanical Name: Thymus Vulgaris ct. Linalool Plant Part: Herb Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled Color/Consistency: Peach Color with Thin Consistency Aroma: Warm, Spicy, Sweet, Herbaceous Perfumery Note: Middle Country of Origin: France Main Chemical Components: Linalool (77.08%), Linalyl acetate (12.36%),… read more

From The Fragrant Heavens

“There is a fire within the soul of thyme, the fire to summon the most mighty angels to our assistance…This fragrance joins with our guardians in assisting us in having strength and love for ourselves during times of reconciliation, when we strive to acknowledge the shadows and disrobe the outer shell of protection — the disguise that we may find difficult even to acknowledge.”

Boosting Wellbeing with Sweet Thyme Essential Oil

Feel relaxed and at ease when the fresh herbal aroma of Sweet Thyme Essential Oil blankets the atmosphere and comforts your soul. Excellent as an aromatherapy oil, this herb invites you to unlock its many additional benefits when its pure essential oil form is added to your favorite carrier oil to soothe many conditions of the hair, nails and skin.

Well known as a culinary herb, Thyme is also one of the best essential oils for soothing our minds and bodies. When we answer the call to venture further into its personality, we discover more about its aptitude for supporting us in times when strength and courage are needed. In loose-leaf form, Thyme steeps into an invigorating tea, especially helpful when preparing one’s energy field for a large task or anything requiring wholeness and focus.

Some plant friends are flowers that bloom beautifully for a short time and then disappear forever, while others may come and go with the seasons. Thyme is the friend that offers us long-term energetic support and nourishment. The energy that Thyme inspires in us is not the jittery energy that comes from coffee or the jubilant energy of the citruses — Thyme’s energy is anxiety-reducing and sustainable. It is actually known to relieve stress and instill a sense of calm.

Your Body Craves Taking Its Sweet Thyme

As part of our commitment to operating as one of the best essential oil brands, our Sweet Thyme chemo type is gentler than many other types, making it an excellent choice for helping soothe fungal infections and eczema. When diluted and applied topically, the same antifungal and antimicrobial properties that cast Thyme as a natural food preservative make it an ideal antifungal treatment for nails and skin. It’s also well known as one of the best essential oils for supporting hair growth.

Use this essential oil in your aromatherapy diffuser as an airborne antimicrobial, or inhale straight from the bottle to use as a comforting antiviral and immune booster. The antispasmodic effects of the compound Thymol found in Thyme essential oil has even shown promise in soothing coughs, especially when combined with CO2 Rose Hip Oil

Ask for Thyme’s strength before a long day or a big project. Let Thyme take your hand and pull you up when it’s getting difficult to keep climbing. Its grounding effects can help you rock teaching that class or giving that presentation, even if you’re having a bad hair day or fear stumbling over your words. Thyme is the all-weather friend that will take care of you when you’re not feeling well and uplift you further when you are doing your best.

Find your calm and confident authenticity when implementing Sweet Thyme Essential Oil into your self-care regimen. 

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