Therapeutic Benefits of Tangerine Essential Oil

Therapeutic Benefits of Tangerine Essential Oil

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Tangerine Essential Oil has the ability to dispel irritability, mood swings and frustration to create the perfect embodiment of “liquid sunshine” in a bottle! The aroma is orange-like and citrusy, with sweet and fruity undertones. If you desire to feel uplifted and invigorated, this is the perfect oil for you! Aside from these amazing benefits, along with smelling delicious, let’s take a look at a few more of Tangerine Essential Oil’s therapeutic properties…

Improve Your Skincare Routine

Tangerine Essential Oil contains skin regenerative and antiseptic properties, which is ideal for controlling acne and the appearance of spots, scars, and stretch marks. Our Tangerine Essential Oil is sure to make you feel beautiful and comfortable in your own skin when you incorporate it into your daily skincare routine. 

(* Please note that Tangerine and other citrus essential oils are photosensitive; use caution when applying to the skin, especially before going outside. Be sure to dilute properly before use.)

Say Goodbye to Sleepless Nights

Having trouble sleeping? If you are struggling with tossing and turning at night, use this sweet citrus oil will help to reduce restlessness. Tangerine Essential Oil’s rich limonene content boasts sedative and relaxant properties to make sure you get your much-desired shut eye when you need it. Add to a diffuser or turn into a massage blend and use just before bedtime.

Relax and Reduce Stress

If your body is tense or you sometimes find yourself clenching your jaw, Tangerine Essential Oil is a solution to relieve that unwanted stress. Instead of perpetually wearing a frown, simply enjoy the aromatic benefits of this oil to relax the face and give your nervous system the added benefit of relaxation. Diffuse as needed, or rub a few drops in the palm of the hand and gently inhale to feel the tension melt away.

Quell an Upset Stomach

Do you often feel bloated? Or does your stomach feel irritable eating a large meal? Tangerine Essential Oil soothes and removes discomfort in your stomach so you don’t have to suffer from bellyaches. This oil is used as a great digestive and carminative, which will leave you feeling refreshed and settled after eating. We recommend either diffusing the oil, or using it topically on the affected area to induce these benefits. If you wish to ingest essential oils, please do so carefully and research proper safety precautions first.

These are just a few of the many benefits that Tangerine Essential Oil can offer to bring therapeutic relief. We hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about the perfect depiction of “liquid sunshine,” and invite you to check out the oil’s full product profile on our website to learn just how Tangerine Essential Oil can light up your health and day-to-day life!

By Kendra Milliken

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