What is the Meaning of Love Infused?

What is the Meaning of Love Infused?

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You may have noticed that on all of our products are the words Love Infused within an image of a heart. 


These are not just some fancy words. 


In addition to the therapeutic qualities attributed to each unique botanical, our essential oils are amplified through our relationship in the healing essence of pure love, the most powerful force in all the world. 


Those of you who know me know that I have no interest in pursuing ideas that make uncomfortable emotions seem real. I dont pretend to be sad, frustrated, fearful, angry or victimized. 


Just like everyone whos dreaming of a limited self and world, upset energies arise in my mind, but unlike the common dreamer, I know that Im dreaming, so I dont seek to make fearful energies real. 


When upset feelings arise, I thank them and accept that I must be mistaken about reality. Upon acceptance of whats really true, I am immediately transported from feeling the make believe world to feeling reality, which is pure, impersonal love. 


In this way, everything and everyone that comes into relationship with me receives the blessing of love along with me. Just like everybody and everything is changed by love, the essential oils that come to live in the home I share with my human family are also changed. 


Unlike people, essential oils have no worldly knowledge. They are simply available to join in love with anyone who is willing, and in that joining, they expand in love, which amplifies their effects in healing physically, mentally and emotionally.  


This the reason so many of you who have wondered why essential oils and personal products from Miracle Botanicals seem more potent than expected. 


From my heart to yours, its a pleasure to share the gifts of our precious botanicals and to extend the blessing of love through them. 

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