Winter is Here! Discover Our Version of “Thieves” Essential Oil Blend

Winter is Here! Discover Our Version of “Thieves” Essential Oil Blend

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Arguably, the essential oil blend with the most interesting history is named Thieves, which has been trademarked by a popular essential oil company. Since we couldn’t legally use the same name, we call ours Premium Protection.

Premium Protection Essential Oil Blend (Compare to "Thieves") - 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend

Premium Protection Essential Oil Blend (Compare to


100% Pure Essential Oil Blend of Clove Bud, Lemon, True Cinnamon, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary Cineole Compare to "Thieves" essential oil blend Made in Hawaii High Quality Medicinal Grade Clearing and Wellness Blend. Antiseptic, Antibiotic, Clearing, Antibacterial, Energizing, and Stimulating… read more

Our version of this popular combination is a hand-crafted mix of Clove Bud Super (only buds, no stems), Real Cinnamon Bark, Lemon, Rosemary Verbenone (a gentler version than the Cineole variety), and Eucalyptus Radiata (a gentler version than the Globulus variety).

Premium Protection mirrors the famous ‘Thieves’ Blend that was created based on the historical tale of four Frenchmen who were known to steal from houses of the elite that had been ravaged by the bubonic plague, which at this time, had decimated the population of Asia and Europe on and off for several hundred years.

To the amazement of the court that caught and tried these thieves for their crimes against the dead, the four men had managed to resist contraction of the highly contagious, deadly disease. According to legend, the magistrate offered a bargain to the thieves in exchange for any information regarding their immunity against the plague. As it turns out these men were spice and herb traders that worked on the silk road and because of their vast knowledge of all things herbal, they had developed a powerful concoction of herbs and spices that they would rub on themselves before committing their crimes.

This was recorded in the archives of the Parliament of Toulouse and was later uncovered and quoted by the French aromatherapy doctor Jean Valnet. Recent studies show this blend to be highly effective against disease prevention and immune and respiratory strength and over-all wellness and health.

In light of the physical and emotional stresses that can spring up during the holiday season we wanted to offer this potent and magical blend to help with supporting your body’s natural defenses during a time when your immune system is most vulnerable.

  1. Spray your shoes, socks and/or feet to kill bacteria and ward off mold and fungus that could cause athlete’s foot or unwanted smells.
  2. Simply add 5-10 drops to your diffuser to protect your family and home from cold and flu bouts.
  3. Dry bedding, sheets and clothes with a washcloth that has 5 drops of thieves on it, to ensure a clean sleeping and living environment and support respiratory function during the night.
  4. Add a drop of Premium Protection blend onto your toothbrush to kill harmful bacteria that can live in and around your gums and cause mouth disease and bad breath.
  5. Put 20-25 drops of this blend in a glass spray bottle with about 2oz. of grain alcohol to create a Premium Protection Spray that can be used on any surface that need disinfecting. One of our favorites is spraying this on our clothes before packing for a long trip.

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