Clear boundaries set the stage for harmonious relating and freedom of expression. But feeling unworthy of love makes it impossible to know which boundaries are the right boundaries and how to express them effectively.

Before you can perceive the way to express boundaries clearly, effectively and with love, it is necessary to undo the beliefs that are holding you back. For instance, if you believe other people should be respecting your energy, space or possessions, it prevents you from taking responsibility for respecting your own energy and setting the boundaries necessary to demonstrate your value.

Setting boundaries that demonstrate your value are a benefit to everyone and does not include a feeling of anger or condemnation for anyone. It feels exciting, joyful and self expressive because in that expression you are moving toward that which supports and uplifts you, rather than against that which does not.

Here are some essential oil blends that I have found most useful for clarity, wisdom and freedom in relation to claiming beneficial boundaries:

  • Integrity essential oil blend…This blend came through me about a week before the 2018 Kilauea lava flow, and the original 5ml bottle was with me while my family and I were in refugee status as our home was taken by lava. Deep clarity came through relating with this blend around letting go of relating with people in a way that doesn’t resonate.

  • Freedom essential oil blend – this blend was inspired by a woman who was looking for more freedom to express her authentic self. This is one of my favorites for helping to claim freedom of expression. It has been a miracle worker for my self and many others.

  • King & Queen – This is a great blend for calling on both compassion and ancient spiritual understanding. The blend consists of Agarwood (Oud) and Rose Essential Oils.

  • Wisdom & Stillness – To remind you that you are worthy of having boundaries, especially when you’re exposed to people’s opinions that you are obligated to permit them access to your energy. This blend contains the “holy wood”, Palo Santo for wisdom, Neroli to encourage joyful expression and Frankincense for stilling guilty thoughts.

If you’re interested in hearing more from me on the subject of boundaries and more, check out this video and others on my Wisdom Dialogues YouTube channel.

As always, this message is written with love and fragrant blessings!