Let Some Sunshine In

Today I would like to share a range of essential oils that I consider liquid sunshine. They’re my go-to essential oils whenever Id like to let some sunshine in, even if actual sunlight appears to be temporarily unavailable.

You know that sense you get when you enter an area where someone is peeling fresh lemon, lime, or orange? That’s the natural essential oil contained within the outer layer of the rind.

Yes! It’s actually the outer rind of citrus fruits that gives them that potent citrusy aroma, and not the fruit. In fact, if you have any citrus fruit handy, you can pinch the rind until a small amount of citrusy liquid squirts out…that’s the essential oil!

In fact, pressing the essential oil out of the rind is the way all of our citrus essential oils are collected. This method of extraction is called cold-pressed.

At this moment, we offer nine (9) different single citrus essential oils, two blends and a set. The sampler includes six of our citrus oils at a discounted price. You can see a menu of all of our citrus essential oil offerings Here. We also offer Swirly Twirly Gumdrops, which is a blend that contains 90% lemon. It smells like gumdrops and it’s mostly citrus oil, so it will work for any of the applications below.

Benefits of Citrus Essential Oils:

Citrus essential oil can encourage a lighter mood, more zest for life, creativity, focus, purify our mental and physical spaces, and more. I’ve made some easily skimmable paragraphs below to highlight some of the ways citrus essential oils can be of benefit and how they may be used.

Mood-Boosting: Most of us naturally associate citrus aromas with sunshine, and at this time of year, when there is substantially less sunshine in our days, the bright, sparkly, fresh, tangy and sweet aroma of citrus essential oils can energetically let some sunshine in to replace shadows in our minds and uplift our moods.

Antioxidant / Immune Support: Being in a closed-space environment makes it more likely for free radicals to accumulate in the space. Citrus essential oils diffused in the space neutralizes free radicals, thus making for a healthier environment and offering immune support to everyone who inhales their bright aroma.

Creativity, Alertness, and Energy: Citrus essential oils have an energy-boosting quality, which makes them great for focused work, study, driving, and any activity where alertness is required. Simply inhale the essential oil directly from the bottle or from a tissue with a few drops on it, or diffuse the oil in your space.

Cleaning: Citrus essential oils are natural germ killers, plus they are astringent, which makes them good for cutting dirt, grease, and grime. To use citrus essential oils for cleaning, get a spray bottle and dilute to 5% in distilled water. Thats 1.5 ml citrus essential oil per ounce of distilled water.

Air & Fabric Purification: For purifying odors in your home or office, and even from clothing and furniture, citrus essential oils are second to none. Use 30 drops citrus essential oil plus 1tsp epsom salt per 2oz of distilled water and spray directly on carpets or fabrics and let them air dry.

The above is a safe ratio, but I have personally used citrus at full strength on a very stinky but otherwise clean couch, and the odors were neutralized after a few treatments. There was no damage to the fabric, and no detectable residue, plus it dried much more quickly.

I cannot guarantee that your fabrics will be fine when using citrus essential oil, so please use caution and test on an inconspicuous area or similar piece of fabric that doesn’t need to be in perfect condition.

Calming: When feelings of anxiety, irritability, annoyance or any other type of upset arise, citrus essential oils can help dissolve those feelings, like the sunshine gently dissolving the morning mist!

Food Flavoring: All of our citrus essential oils are food grade and they can be added to your favorite recipes in very small amounts. I usually use 1 drop per tsp or 3 drops per Tbl called for in a recipe. It can also be added to water in very small amounts, but please be cautious and listen to the cues coming from your feeling sense. Citrus essential oils are naturally astringent, and it is possible to introduce to use too much of natural astringent.