Sweet Basil Essential Oil Blasts Inflammation

By Lori Jacobsen

Did you know that Sweet Basil can be just as calming as Lavender? Miracle Botanicals Sweet Basil ct. Linalool Essential Oil is a “Blast of Basil” that can help you find peace and focus, and relieve inflammation too!

Our Sweet Basil Essential Oil is high in linalool, a compound also found in Rosemary and Lavender oils. This variety is gentler then other types of basil oil, although we still recommend diluting for safe use. Sweet Basil (Ocimum Basilcum) is a plant with a prolific and historic culinary and medicinal value. Sweet Basil has been used in traditional foods, teas and herbal remedies in countries ranging from Mexico to Egypt, and all the way to Thailand. However, it’s often been overshadowed by lavender in present day applications.

Commonly used in aromatherapy to ease tension and stress, calm digestive upset and for its gentle anti-inflammatory properties, Sweet Basil Essential Oil has an herbaceous, sweet and spicy fragrance, like a garden in full bloom. This high-frequency plant medicine can be used to send a message to the brain, direct energy through the limbic system (the emotional center of the body) and help it to relax! Sweet Basil Essential Oil can do this by affecting several biological factors, including blood pressure, breathing, heart rate, stress levels and immune function.

The most popular uses of Sweet Basil in Alternative Medicine include helping: acne, anxiety, bronchitis, cold, coughs, depression, fatigue, gout, indigestion and sinusitis. As well as assisting with mood enhancement, increased alertness and soothing muscle aches. Sweet Basil is a humble SuperHero of Essential Oils!

Acne Facial Mist

Mix in a 2 oz small spray jar. Spritz on face morning and night.

Focus Support Diffuser Blend

Add to a diffuser or put on a cotton ball and enjoy the uplifting scent and clarity!

Calming Throat Spray

Mix with 1 tbsp honey and fill a 2 oz spray bottle with spring water. Shake well and spray whenever you have a sore, scratchy throat!

Sweet Basil Essential Oil can pack a solid medicinal punch as well as a strong assist to mental clarity and the battle against inflammation! Are you feeling called to receive a blast of Basil? Order your Sweet Basil Essential Oil today and be an anti-inflammatory SuperHero!